September 18th, 2003

why oh why oh why

hi, i just joined this lovely community. this may be a bit long but feel feel to skim it if you like.

i've had my head fully dreaded twice now within the past 2 years... first time by an amuture and the second by someone who supposively was going to be good at it. didn't work either time. first time i forgot why i took it out but the second time it was matter of missing my normal hair and the dreads were attached quite ickyly at the base of my head (all my dreads would of turned into one, i just wasn't having it). i pretty much gave up on the concept til i saw pirates of the carribean (don't laugh) and something clicked which should of been quite obvious to me in the begining. why not do both? have dreads AND have a head full of normal hair supporting them. i think i pushed that idea out of my head subconsciously because everytime i see dreads it's either none or all. I've toured with the dead so i've seen millions of the suckers but yet no combos. i was wondering why? is there a reason to it, to hard to maintain, it just doesn't work? cuz well i already put in quite a few of them so i hope it works.

i mean it has it's benefits, i can still work any job i want, and i look hot, lol. thats about it, sorry kids no dental plan but i am quite happy with em.
i also never see dyed dreads and i wanna know why. i always dye my hair red and don't wanna stop because i have a few dreads.

so yea, an introduction and a couple of questions. nice to meet you all. and many kynd vibes sent to this community.