September 20th, 2003

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im just wondering how do you stop frizz? My natural hair is frizzy, well no maybe not my natural hair but my hair before i got dreads..anyways Ive been getting alot of frizzy hairs on each dreads, i use wax once a week, but it doesnt seem to really do anything to stop the frizz. anyone know of any solutions to this??

and also im just wondering if anyone knows the address for knotty boys??

thanks in advance..
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when i put my dreads in, i want them to be able to lay flat against my head so i can wear my hair down most of the time, but still be able to pull them up... how can i do this? i wanted to do a kind of off centered part or a zig zag part so they'll lay flat more naturally... but if i part my hair, can i still put it back/up after awhile? (i'm picturing ani difranco's dreads... hers lay flat nicely but she still pulls them up/back and they look beautiful both ways)