September 21st, 2003

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Hey everyone, i just found this community and thought i'd join. I have dreads as you'll see in the pictures below and this will be the second time. I had dreads for a year once before but cut them off as they went a bit feral. After having them gone for about a year, i had what alcoholics call a "moment of clarity" and decided that dreadhead was the only way for me.

The purpose of this post, other than to introduce myself, is to ask everyone a question. My dreads are locking up great although i have really messy roots. Does anyone know of a way to tidy my roots up? I've tried those little black rubber bands as shown on DreadHead HQ but that oly held the hair together till the bands came off then my roots were back to their normal messy self.

Thanks in advance, here are some pictures to introduce myself further.


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Just a quick question for everyone on here.

What do you use to wash your dreads?

Me personally, i use DreadHead HQ Dread Soap then after i squeeze as uch water as possible out, i spray them down with the Locking Accelerator.

I'm just curious as to what everyone else is using to keep their knatties clean and healthy.

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get it right

you call yourselves a dread appreciation community, yet you make careless mistakes...RASTAFARIANS?! it's rastafari - and not all rastas live in jamaica and smoke pot. my good friend from barbados can prove that.
oh, and you should never put beeswax in your crumbles and breaks the hair...olive oil or jojoba oil is preferred/recommended
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Plead the FIF!

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i joined this community and i see there are a lot of white folks in this. good for ya'll. i love the hippie look on ya. quick question those. can we really give each other tips since our hair dreads in different ways?

i probably sound racist. but i'm just curious.

hiya everyone

SO this is the second time i've posted in here . I've been working on some hot knotties since may. And I absolutely love what i have so far.
But here's my prob. I've got the roots and the hair near my scalp to dread.. but I've got long straight thick hair, and my ends are like refusing to dread properly. I backcomb a lot and i use wax about once a week. Sometimes i start to get these huge loops of hair that kind of hang out in midst of my dread. I don't want to cut them.. so i end up taking the bottom of my dreads out and redoing them. How can i prevent getting these obnoxious pulls and loops of hair so they can form with the rest of the dread, and not look so terrible! Gah.. so

Picture TIME!!!!

Hello there everyone! How are you doing today on this fine, fine day? Well me, I can't complain. I mean I could but then I'd sound like a jerk because it's so nice (atleast here in my room, I can't say much for outside...)

Anyway, I don't really have much to say, and I do tend to ramble on a bit. Sometimes I even ramble on about how much Im rambling on. The reason I started this post was because its photo day! I just dyed my dreads (shameful, I know) but I wanted y'all to see them anyway because... well this is a dread site after all, and y'all wouldn't be here if you didn't like looking at pictures of dreads and hearing about dreads and rambling on and on about dreads or rambling on and on about... Im getting sidetracked. Here you are. Enjoy!

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head juice

ive had dreads in my hair for about 4 or 5 months now..theyre coming along very nicely...except for the back, the bottom will not dread, but i figure, it takes time, and my hair is stil kind of short..but does anyone know WHY the back of my hair wont dread out as easily, they keep on falling apart and also, my hair smells, like the scalp reeks of head juice, i have that gunky stuff under my nail everytime i scratch, but how to a get my dreads to smell like a bouquet of flowers? what should i use/get?

ill try my best to post pictures when i get a hold of a digi cam
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i see many of you with cool bandanas" or head wraps i was just wonderingwhat i could use to have one also, something i could find around the house like a shirt or sometnhing- maybe this is a question of common sense but im a litle puzzled. also how do i get it to stay and look nice with my dreaddies?

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Hey again everyone, just another quick question for you all.

I've currently had my dreads for about 3 and a half months now and they are starting to mature and lock up great. My question is this though

To wax or not to wax - what are the benefits of both?

I'm trying to decide weather to continue waxing them or to just let them do their own thing now. I originally used wax to hold them together but since they are locked up enough to hold themselves together, i don't think there is really any need for the wax.

Any comments and/or suggestions will be appreciated

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appreciation...i love that word.

i hope that this is not considered too off-topic, as it does not pertain to dreads as much as dreadheads..

everytime i look at the posts in this community [and trust me, it's at least everyday :) ], i find myslef amazed at the quality of not only information, but personality that I find. I have never known so many people so eager to help others, weather it be giving advice on tightening roots or telling someone how super their dreads look. I love to look at the posts in this community because not only do I find people with stunning locks and lovely faces, but also, and most importantly, i find people with gorgeous souls. you all are just so appreciative of everyone else, and even when there are arguments, i find most of them are more of a debate than a 'fight'...and throughout that debate, the respect that seems to breed here still remains. i just was reading the most recent posts all the way back to the older ones, and the nature of the people are so gentile and kind, but still assertive and strong, and i thought that you deserved to know that. guys rock :)

and just so this post is not without pertinance:

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