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[22 Sep 2003|12:28am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

my dreadies

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[22 Sep 2003|01:41am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Sorry for my excess of posts in this community. I just thought i'd share a quick story with everyone of an experience i had tonight.

I washed my dreads tonight, sprayed them down with locking accelerator then wrapped then in a towel as i do regularly. After about half an hour i took the towel of and was drying my hair a little more when i suffered from what some dreadheads call "Dread Snappage". So there i was, a head full of clean dreads except for one that was so short it stuck straight up like Alfalfa in "The Little Rascals".

After much cursing at how much of a bummer situation i had just stummbled into. I made plans on what i want to do, and decided on ringing the hair salon i got them done at and buy one dread extension (or fake dread) then just attach it. After talking to my beautiful (and obviously more brainy) friend in Western Australia, she reminded me that i was a dreadhead about two years ago before i cut them all off. Being the sentimental person i am, i kept all my old dreads tied together in a bag.

Long story short, i now have re-attached a dread using a couple of black bands and some black wool. Although it's not growing out of my head it looks pretty good, just like i have a wrap or something around one dread. I'm also happy at the fact that it's not a fake dread made with synthetic hair, it's one i grew a little while back.


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[22 Sep 2003|10:24pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Yesterday we went out and enjoyed the weather a bit. We brought the cam along and took a bunch of pics. So, here are some for your amusement.

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