September 23rd, 2003

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Ive been trying to find some additional communities to interact with. Im having very little luck. Ironically this was the first one I joined, and even saw, and none of the others seem as interesting. I try searching through interests and I find abandoned communities or communities that list those interests but have nothing to do with that topic. I don't know. Im probably not trying hard enough but I decided that Id like to enlist your help. Could anybody suggest some other communities that they are members of that they find interesting? Any topic will do... I trust your opinion. Thanks in advance for the input!

"Tillie Lean, Tillie Lean, Oh I love my Tillie Lean. She's bored and lazy cross-eyed and crazy oh I love my Tillie Lean." A perform played this song at the Oregon Country Festival and they played the saw. I can't get it out of my head...
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what is the worst thing that happened to you because of your hair?

a friend of mine had to cut his because his lawyer said if he went to court with them he had a higher likelihood of jail time.

personally people touch them all the time & that doesnt bother me. but i'v had people say things like "you dont have to wash your hair because dreads are suposed to stink".

i also applied for a job at a gas station over the phone and they loved me. but when she looked at me she frowned and said the position was full.

there are hundreds of things like that but this post would be too long.

personally i think white people with dreads would have a harder time with that because it's not as expected.


P.S. i love this community almost as much as i love my hair!
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people seemed to get interested in my last post so i got another one:

what is one good sterotypes or experiences that you get because of your hair. some black people tend to think dreads make a person more educated or "real". and for every guy that doesn't like them there are 5 guys that LOVE them.

i make friends because of my hair. on the bus, at the laundrymat. people with natural hair flock to me and ask advice about if they should take the jump. i tell 'em to do it. it's been a spiritual journey (not because of religion or anything) because it's like an extension on my personality.

ok, i'll shut up now.

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i should of added this in my last post i made just a few minutes ago but i forgot and it already has comments so you must all forgive me.

i've heard springs.. sprigs.. or sumthin like that, you can buy em at home depot that are good for rounding your hair and tightening it up. i read that somewhere here and i've been wondering about it. what are these things. and not just how to pronounce it but what do they do exactly, and what do they look like? the person said you could push em up and down like a bead but that didn't make sense to me cuz what i have in my mind is a wire wrapped around your dread and i think your hair would get stuck to it. i would like a good way to make my dreads rounded and not bumpy in places and that sounded like my best bet. can anyone help?

and again sorry for taking up so much room.

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Hey everyone, i just have another quick dread question for you all.

What does your weekly dread maintainance envolve?

I normally wash my hair, squeeze the water out, give it a spray down with locking accelerator, squeeze more water out then wrap it up in a towel for around half an hour then i let it air dry the rest of the way.

Also, i was told to try and not get it wet through the week but i'm sick of having to wear a shower cap every time i take a's kinda not my style if you know what i mean. I'm just curious as to how many people don't mind their dreads having a drink every time they shower.

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grr, everytime i wash my dreads my roots get all mussed, i'm thinking it could be because my hair isn't dreaded to the very very start of the roots so that smooth hair gets pulled when washed.. is there anything i can do to fix it up? and not to leave you with no visual effect Collapse )
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Say it with me now.... CHEEEEEESE!!!

No joke my parents took me here when I was like 6. So when I found myself back in Tilamook how could I resist a trip douwn memory lane? (And I swear I never thought Id say the phrase "when I found myself back in Tilamook...". After all though, what vacation is complete without a trip to the cheese factory?

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Hi. I'm new and I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been watching since I joined about 2 weeks ago and I'm getting excited to make my dreads. I love this community because everyone is so helpful and the topics are really great. It's probably the best one I've seen on LJ. I feel very much at home here.

I'm going to dread for the first time in the next couple weeks, and I don't have a kit but I did buy myself a metal fine tooth comb. I'm still wondering whether I should wax or not.

Here's my question (and it's probably a no-brainer): Is dread wax different from hair "wax" that you get at a salon for smoothing fly away hairs. Like that Joico Ice stuff? I'm just curious as to what dread wax is like.

Okay. I'll get out of your hair now.
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