September 24th, 2003

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being the dumbass that i am, i thought i could manage shaving the back of my head. my head is usually shaved (about 3/4 of it), so i just put my fingers at dread level and shaved up to there.
after, i tried tying up my hair, and poof! 3 dreads stayed in my hands.
i tied them back on, but i think i'm going to untie them cause they'll end up growing back bizarrely.

moral of the story: if you care about those locks, get someone else to shave the back instead of being a dumbass like me.
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finally after many months (years really) i dreaded my hair. it took about 4 hours. but it was worth it (man did it hurt though) at one point i had 4 different people dreading at once, all of which were good friends (except my girlfriend who is my best friend) so that was quit the experience. listening to rage and bob marley while dreading rocked. now once they start laying down it will be better lol. im going to wear them in a bandanna (like in my icon) for awhile. till they start to look decent. and this saterday im hitting the ocean in hopes of these hos getting tighter (very nice that their first bath shall be the gulf of mexico). but yeah my icon pic is basicly the only pic i have of them so far. i have some on a camra but i havent developed the film yet and i dont have a scanner. ill try to get some pics up eventually. but untill then i shall keep everyone updated on my hairs life (especially since im not waxing and not really going to do anything else to them, so basicly from here on out they are natural) well later kids. and now that im one of the dreaded brothers and sisters i shall end it in the classic way so many of you do. peace, love, and good vibes (and remember kids jesus loves you and so do i)...

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Well hello everyone it's been a while since i last made a post in here but just inform everyone my hair has grown a lot.At first i thought since it was the same length for weeks it wasn't gonna grow and i would be having baby dreads for a long time.But then they started growing and i was like WOW it can grow so now i'm happy and saturday is when i will be getting my dreads i missed them a lot.

How is everyone doing?
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sleep question

hi, I still don't have babydreads but I keep lurking here cuz you're the nicest and most scenic community in LJ! And I am planning to be dready in future...starting with a head of braids and then taking out a few at a time to backcomb. At least that's the current plan. So my question today is: do you wear a scarf to bed? Do you ever have trouble sleeping on dreads, or if you sleep with someone else, do they ever complain about all that hair in the way? 'Cuz when I had extension braids, they seemed to get in our way a lot in bed...I tied them back and they made like a huge lump... Collapse )


Disclaimer:I don't know if I am dumb and can't post pictures half the time, because I always seem to get red x's but sometimes they show up and sometimes they dont. Its out of my hands I guess. Is anybody else experiencing this prob. on LJ as well? If its just me then I will delete this post no prob... {edited: HaHa you silly free-webposting sites I have found your childish little loophole...}

Exposition:The scene opens up on a hiking path down Crater Lake. A natural lake formed on top of a defunct volcanoe after it "blew its top off". All though arriving yesterday, this walk is in the early morning of the second day as we hike down inside the mountain to the water...

Rising Action:Along the way the wild life is waking up and wiping that gunk out of the corner of their eye... They see PEOPLE. How odd. What are these large things approaching our beautiful habitat? Only one way to find out...

Climax: This is the chipmunks main monologue ala "Look Whos Talking Now". Chipmunk - "Hey these creatures are pretty nice. They gave me sunflower seeds. They're even more fun to climb on top of. Hey whats that odd box in your hand?"

Falling Action: To much attention can be overwhelming especially in front of a camera so I think Im gonna go back to digging my little hole in the ground.

Conclusion: Excellent close up shots of my furry little friends...

Enjoy! And visit Crater Lake damn you! NOW!

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true thug


hi im new to the community and ive jsut recently started dreading my hair. i was jsut wondering does anyone have any suggestions for washing loose hair without ruining dreads? cus my hair isnt all dreaded btu its getting gross...and since its thin the loose hair becomes harder to dread the grosser it gets. ok thanks.
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new hat!

so, i was wandering around my house. and i found my brother's snowboarding hat and i figured.. he can get a new hat, right? so here it is, i like it but nobody who's seen it so far really likes it.. it seems to be helping tighten my dreads too somehow
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Dear dread heads,

This is tottaly waaay off the subject, but i need some help. I have a paper to do for school on the september 11th attack. One of the questions i have to ansswer in details is "Who was impacted by September 11th and how" Iknow everyone is /was impacted by it, but i dont know how to word it...who wants to throw me some suggestions? ::::cheesy grin::::
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