September 25th, 2003


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Hey everyone.

I just wanted to show you all that MY HAIR IS FINALLY GROWING!!

So this means there is hope for those of you who think there's will never grow. I swear my hair has been the same length for 3 years. I figured it's because I let my dreads "hump" alot. Meaning they all attach and grow into one another. I think that plays a big part in how much or little they grow...

I like when they all are attached together a little because then you can't see my head through em' but it is stunting growth. So I've started to pull them apart al little enough so they're still attached somewhat but still able to grow...

Here's the pics Collapse )
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questions about dread tightness

question for dread veterans...
for people who have had their dreads awhile, how long do you think it took before they were really tight and actually dreaded? were there things that you did to speed the process up, or did you do minimal work on them even in the beginning?

for people who have newer dreads (or for those who remember what newer dreads were like)...
i'm finding that parts of my dreads feel really tight and seem to be coming along well. but there are sections that seem to be coming loose, too. the tips, of course, seem to be fraying a bit... but also just random sections in the middle of an otherwise tightly dreaded lock have almost gone straight! has this happened to other people? how do you work on these middle bits to get them back in shape?
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Question for all of you wonderful people...

Hello, hello. I have been watching the community for a while, and I am glad to have joined. I have wanted to put dreadies in my hair for a few years now, but I just haven't for some reason. I guess it has been the cause of certain jobs I have had and not really having enough time to sit down and do it. But, alas, I am going to do it! My question for all of you is this:

I have been looking around and it seems that two places have good wax and kits available; and problem is which is better? Should I even bother with the shampoo and instead just buy a comb and some wax? I figure you guys know best. Thanks so much...Tai

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X-posted from my journal...sorry about that.

I dyed my hair this afternoon, it's looks really cool although my dreads a now kinda fluffy. My hair is a really nice jet black colour and i look oh so goth...hahaha

Pictures are a work in progess.
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ive heard that salt water is good for dreads. im curious about how to apply them to your hair do you jsut rub them in? and what they do. any advice woudl be appreciated. also its hard to get my freads to lock up...will that happen as time progresses?
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