September 26th, 2003

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i felt like posting a smile for each and every one of you;
& i hope you have a great day, and a great night.
& love & peace & joy!
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i hate how people always asking me - how long are you keeping your dreads in- they ask me all the time like its insane to keep it in
they dont understand the process and they dont understand that i have a dedication my my locks. i mena i wanna keep them in for a few years - as so i plan. they look at me like im crazy o rsomething yet most poeple with locks have theirs for years also- they just dont understand and they are making it seem like i should get rid of them
anyone get annoyed at when people ask them that? i get it all the time FROM THE SAME PEOPLE- they think its a temporary "phase" im in or something - they dont understand that locks are more than just a style its a commitment.
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thanks for your comments- and advice
my teachers tell me dreads are not forwhite people - i know its true ina way - but i knwo in another way it isnt-
they act likei have no education in it
ofcourse i do i wouldnt put locks in my hair if i didnt know what they represented and what i was getting myself into- i try to tell them i know hundreds of white people with them and they just act like im lying -
my mother tells me im the only white girl with dreads- she complains about how she never sees any girls with dreads-i tellher its slightly rare aroundhere- but the thing is she has no culture of the "different"the people who want to step outof line and do their own thing- she doesnt understand it.i guess ive learned to accept that fact that she doesnt- yet i always show her some pictures ofgirls on the computer with locks(from this community) and she just laughs at me- my mom has bvecome betterover time though-
my dad hates my hair too- he has pratically kind of disowned me in a way and refuses tohave a real relationship with me until i lose the hair- i know a relationship with a father is more important than hair but i dont see a point in changing my hair so my dad can accept me- he should accept me for the person i am - despite his opinions of my damn hairstyle- im his daughter and he should realize that an opinion of hair isnt worth losing a relationship- i dont see why i should change- i completley refuse- i dont see it as being stubborn i se it as standing up for the fact that im 17 and i have the damn right to style my hair on MY head however i please - ya know?
he says its more than the hair its what it represents- yet he doesnt know anything about it

for all you out there with the sameproblems as i- even if i dont know the situation completley- in the beginning for me it was really bad- just stick it out things willget better- your parents will realize that you wont change it and deal- even though mine have not completley

sorry for the long post but i know theres many of you out there frustrated as i am with their parents so i thought id share my story- thanks for listening

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i know i said i would give up on making my dreads because they never turned out the way i wanted to, but i just can't give up.. i've wanted dreads for the longest time.. i've decided to make few dreads at a time so they won't intertwine and miss a lot of hair.. i have 7 dreads now and i've been working on them for a long time.. they're turning out ok so i'll make a few more soon..
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well my dreads shall take their first trip to the ocean tomarrow (i hope its warm). my head is itching like no ones business, i hope the sea water tightens them up some. iv been to afraid to wash them yet cz they are kind of loose (they are only 3 days old though so i guess its ok for them to be kind of loose)... i had my gf go threw and re-backcomb a few and palm roll some. there are still a bunch more work that needs to be done. (probably about half of them need to be re backcombed, i just had her do the really loose ones, plus all the tips need work). i bought soem dr bronners pepermint soap. my question is would it be ok to start washing them monday (keep in mind im not useing wax, just backcombed and have rubber bands on them to hold them together). also, is it ok to get them wet everytime you shower, or only on the days you wash them. (and is every other day to much when washing them, not this early of course, but say in a few monhts would that be to much still?)


Random idea here. I was just thinking that it could be useful to everyone if we could do a tips entry. If you have any tips on dreading hair, or maintaining dreadlocked hair. Or even how to get your dreadies to look their best. I dunno, maybe this won't be of any help. The only problem is most people don't look at back dated entries. So maybe if it is possible to put a link to this post on the info page. Or even if the moderators post a tips page on a separate site that has a link on the info page.

Sorry about the rambling here. My brain just tossed this idea into my head and I think it could be helpful. Ciao for now....
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