September 27th, 2003

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Welll i finally have my dreads back again i am very happy but a little curious too.After i got them done i noticed they were the same length as the last time i got them done so thats making me wonder.Maybe they didn't grow like i thought they did so with this post comes a few questions.

1.Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to promote dread growth?

2.After i wash them am i suppose to backcomb them or just comb the whole piece out?

I know those are some obvious questions but i just need some suggestions from people
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hey, i'm new... i just randomly found yer community and thought i'd join, mostly to ask a question, but i did read a few pages back, you guys seem pretty chill (so i will be stifcking around)

anyways, heres the deal:

i <3 my dreads, i think they're fab, and i dont want to lose them.

however, one of my roommates got the cutest kitten over the summer, and i love her to pieces, however, she came with fleas.
and we're havign problems gertting rid of the fleas.... and basically the whole house is infested with fleas... i swear i'm killing 20 a day. im washing my bedding every two-three days now and vacuuming my floor daily to try to keep them under control.

im terrified of getting fleas in my dreads, b/c i would have to cut them off rather than have dead fleas in my hair.

so, what can i do? has anyone successfully kept fleas out of their hair? are their herbs i can take, rub on my scalp, or anything to make me really unappitizing (sp?) for the lil' bastard fleas.

what can i do to protect my dreads?

any suggestions? i've scourd the web, but im having problems figuring out what is reliable informaton, and what is peoplemaking up crap when they have nothing better to do.

saaaaaaave me