September 28th, 2003

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i know this is random as fuck....but does anyone else love the smell of head and shoulders?

and should i use it simply for the reason that i love the smell and i do have dandruff? i've had my dreads for ten months.

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Hey again everyone, how are we all this fine day (even though it's 2:55am here.) I just thought i'd lay a question on you all once again so here it goes....

What are the Pros and Cons You have found with having dreads?

For me it basically breaks down like this;

- I had dreads for a year before and i've had these ones for just over three months and i've never once had a "bad hair day"
- No brushing - ideal for the lazy bastard
- They get people's attention
- In the area i live in, it's a very unique hairstyle
- I only have to wash my hair once a week - again, ideal for the lazy bastard

- Employment can be a bitch
- They get people's attention - They attact all the staring people

That's all i can think of just now.
Thanks for your time, that will be all

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hi :)
i'm new to the community. i had dreads for a little while but got rid of them a year ago (for a variety of reasons). and ever since then i've been dying to dread my hair again, but couldn't for employment reasons. but i finally found a job with no dress code and so, on with the dreading! i'm uber jazzed :)
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you can see my dreads pretty decent in my new icon (im not smart anough to be able to post pictures on lj yet). for those of you who use dr bronners soap, how do you do it. do you just use it like reguler shampoo (i have the liquid kind) or did you delute it alot or what?

fixing up the tips

i don't know if this is old news or has been done before, but i've discovered a really cool way to get the tips of my dreads looking their best.

my mom and i were working on my hair, and one of the things we were trying was to thread some of the loose hairs at the scalp into my dreads using a needle. then we started on the tips, just kind of rolling them around trying to get them nice and solid and blunt.

mom had the brilliant idea of threading the little loose tails into the needle and pulling them up into the inside of the dread. it works great, and makes the tips look awesome.

if you haven't tried this, i recommend it. i got a really big, blunt needle with a large hole (makes it easier to thread the hair) from michaels for 99 cents. just thought i'd share :)
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you know, i really don't mind people touching my dreads. in fact i sorta like it. i love having my dreads played with or worked on by other people. it feels good on my scalp and is pretty relaxing and soothing. i guess it stems back to when i was a little girl and my mom would stroke small strands of my hair. it felt so good, it sent chills down my spine.
so yeah, there's my story and i'm stickin to it.
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Grow my little ones!

My dreads are almost 3 months and 2 weeks! Im so happy with them, these are my second dreads, the first one i had to get out cause i had a allergic reaction from the wax. So now my dreads are just natural and growing their own way. Ill only give them love and sometimes a little bit backcombing. They are growing very fast, and they still getting phat! here they are. (dont look at my face, ive got an allergic reaction for grass)

Bye for now!:)

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hey ya'll.

last night i spent allll night washing/brushing my dreads out.

i know i know. why you ask? i dont even know. well the main reason was they smelled sooo bad. i didnt even realize it. but i really gagged from the smell. i hadnt washed my hair in about 6 months. and i knew no matter how much i washed them, the stink was deep in the dread haha. IT WAS TOO LATE!!! : )

so..yeah. they are gone. i am VERY sad. very very sad. i miss them already.

i was a BIG advocate of not washing the dreads. but ya know what? wash them. haha. not everyday. but do it like once a week. because mine STANKED. it was real bad.
oh and its lots of fun finding all the crap that is inside of your dreads. i wont share the gory details haha.

so if you dont mind i am still going to give people tips since i have had dreads 3 times and learned a lot.

someday i will get them again. i know it. beucase i love and respect dreads

love ya'll