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Lenia [29 Sep 2003|04:05am]
Here's a current charcoal drawing I am in the middle of:

It's at 18" x 24" in size.

Just thought I'd share.
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[29 Sep 2003|08:00am]
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[29 Sep 2003|08:05am]
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[29 Sep 2003|12:42pm]
so, i backcombed the whole front half of my head yesterday (doing the rest today.) and i woke up last night to one of my cats laying on my pillow and gnawing on my fuzzies. it was really cute since he hasn't chewed on my hair in years.
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[29 Sep 2003|01:40pm]
ever wonder who the chick in the community icon is?
whoever she is, i dig her dreads hardcore.
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[29 Sep 2003|04:40pm]
man i look like a homeless person with my dreads. lots of loose hairs and friz. but since they are less then a week old and im not useing wax i guess thats to be expected....
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[29 Sep 2003|05:58pm]
im just wondering, ive been wrinsing my hair in the shower but each time i do this, after the shower i squeeze each dread and still there is dried wax bits left within each dread. it looks horrible. anyone get this? how do i stop this? and how do i stop my hair from looking all greasy?
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hello. [29 Sep 2003|07:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]

hi. i'm adam and i just joined.

i had dreads for about three years (see user pic) and cut them off last january (no good reason...just time for a change).

anyway, i'm gonna let them grow back out. i miss them.

i probably won't be asking too many questions...i just keep my head clean, let my hair grow, and it does its thing...that's pretty much how it worked out last time...but i like seeing all your pictures and maybe i can help answer a few questions.

for me, natural is the way to go...maybe i'm crazy, but i like all the frowy/frizzy/bad-in-between-hair-day-stages it takes to grow dreadlocks.

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dreads & mohawk. 13 pics. =) [29 Sep 2003|09:26pm]

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and if i get more than 7 'cuuute' replies i'll start to cry ;)
because i'm evil.
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