October 1st, 2003

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ya know how you have the hairs that stick out and are just as long as the rest of your dread? is there anyway to fix that other than cutting em or glueing them in. cuz for the first 6 months i don't expect to make the decisions to keep the dreads forever or to let them go. they're actually coming along quite nicely, like a can feel my head and know right off the bat where the dreads are (i have dreads and normal hair for anyone who doesn't remember). and today i got to the ocean to tighten them up, yayness.
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Does anyone know if wrapping dreads actually helps or hinders them?

I've heard completely different thoughts on the idea, so if anyone's tried it before.

I wrapped a bit of wool around my roots about 5 or 6 weeks ago, and they seemed to tighten up a lot more, but I'm not sure if that's just 'cos my hair's been dreading for three months now. I was getting a load of loose short hairs so I did it again last night, they look a lot neater but obviously smaller 'cos they're wrapped up.. I'll probably cut the wool out at some point soon, but I'm wondering if this has done any good, or bad, or just not done anything.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Pics soon hopefully, my webspace is back now :)
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misconception for dreads (and i don't care what your hair type is, this is true)

you don't wash them regularly.
FALSE: some people may need to wash them more often then they did before they were dreaded. dirt and sweat stays in the hair and is harder to get out. while the locking process is beginning the less contact with water the better but hair should always be washed.

backcombing is the only way to get dreads.
FALSE: one strand twists, two strand twists, braiding, palm rolling or just not combing it are all wonderful ways to get dread.

to get rid of dreads you have to cut your hair out.
FALSE: you can steam them out or comb them out. there will be a lot of hair shedding but this is hair you would have lost simply by combing and brushing it.

dreads profile you as a trouble maker.
FALSE: while some people label other by their dreads, the style is fast becoming main stream for people of all races.

all locks look the same.
FALSE: even your locks will constantly change the longer you keep them. no one's hair is the same so if you wish to have your locks looka certain way, make sure your hair can do that.

[/end rant]