October 2nd, 2003


newbie questions

Hey everyone, I'm new here :) I love the look of dreads, but I've always been scared to take the plunge and dread my real hair. I'm a *huge* fan of synth and wool dreads.

See... I really love my natural hair, but I'd like to try dreads for a while. My concerns are as follows:

1) How do I start?!
2) Once I'm ready to get rid of the dreads, do I absolutely HAVE TO cut them off? Or is there a way to revive your natural hair from dreads?

I look horrible with short hair. so if cutting them off is the only way to get rid of them, I think I'll just stick with synth hair.

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So, Ive been having a ton of problems getting a job because of my dreadlocks- and it is such bullshit. I actually got hired on the spot at a resuraunt and when i came in to train the next day, they took my shirt and gave me my money back and said they hadn't noticed i had dreads the day before. ITS SO FRUSTRATING!

I've been a member for awhile- here are some pictures finally!

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Does DreadHead HQ Accelerator leave little white salt specs in anyone elses dreads? It doesn't do it if i spray it on after a shower but it i mist my hair with it before going into the sun, i get those things that are almost like un-diluted bits of salt.

Seeya Everyone