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[03 Oct 2003|12:22am]
Hi I am not really new here I have kinda been reading for a while and decided I would introduce myself and talk about my gripes with my locs. I havent had them long only about six months. When I first started them a girl i knew told me it would take about six months for my hair to completely lock. I thought that was such a long way away but here I am six months later and most of my heair is locked but not completely locked. But thanks to my hair locking a lot of them contracted and are now too small. So now I have to go back and "marry" every single loc on my head with another one. Its like I have to start all over again cause now the married locs need another six months to loc with its partner.

Also I named some of them. I have one in the back that only took like three months to loc, I call it Genesis as in first. I guess because it was so small it locked quickly too bad it has to get married.
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[03 Oct 2003|01:01am]
i just want to say how very much i love orthodontic rubber bands. i hated them SO MUCH when i had braces. but luckily i'm messy and left the little bags of them around my room. now 4 years later i was going through some old stuff and lo and behold! orthodontic bands!
the last time i dreaded my hair i used regular rubber bands, which worked well enough but were also kind of irritating.
this time i'm using the orthodontic bands and they're SO much easier to deal with and they're rocking my socks off.
that is all.
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enjoy picture-ness!! [03 Oct 2003|03:30am]
just thought i'd share some pix i took earlier today, me being a camera whore n' all!Collapse )
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[03 Oct 2003|09:16am]
[ mood | dorky ]

hey, i've got a problem, and i was wondering if any of you experienced the same thing; i always sleep on the same side of my head, and my dreads are tighter on this side than on the other. it looks kind of weird when i keep them down. so, i'm trying to give more attention to the side which is less developped when i'm taking care of them, but it still looks weird. anyone's got any suggestions for me?

and a picture, why not?Collapse )
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[03 Oct 2003|11:06am]
so my dreads are a little over a week old now (some are even starting to tighten pretty decent. ha to all you kids who said it couldnt be done without wax). one thing iv noticed is that palm rolling right out of the shower is really good for them. the only problem is that is makes them stick out a little more then id like them too. and the only way to make them lay down is to wear my bennie to sleep, and then when i wake up all the goodness of the shower and plam rolling is gone. sniff... but anyway. thats my little hint, palm rolling right out of the shower rocks (its also gets teh water out pretty well too)
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Just 2 [03 Oct 2003|02:59pm]
Here are a few. The most recent incarnation.

5months agoCollapse )

2 months ago after a maintinenceCollapse )
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hello everyone.... [03 Oct 2003|08:58pm]
hi, this is my first time posting here....i do not have dreads but i'm wondering if it is possible to have *some* dreads but not have all your hair dreaded? like if i had one to three on each side of my head?
oh, by the way, i have greatly enjoyed seeing the beautiful pics of your dreads!
i'm thinking my hair would be the right kind for dreads- its wavy and tangles so easily!
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