October 4th, 2003

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hey dreadlock people! i've got a musical suggestion for you guys. the band is called dobacaracol, and they're from montreal, quebec. the two front girls play djembés and sing in a lot of different languages, and they've got some of the best looking dreadlocks ever. if you click on the picture, you can see a show they made a year ago. they're really good, you won't regret it. (it should work just fine if you've got a high speed connection.)
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this community has got to be the best on livejournal.
i'm so envious of all your dreads.

i've wanted dreads for a while now, and i think the time is here.
the only problem is, i have no one to help me. i realllly don't want to do them myself because i don't feel comfortable doing something to my hair that's gonna be there for a long time. get my drift?
if anyone in the central florida area knows if there's some kind of place or a person i can go to get them done, that would be greatly greatly appreciated.

have a great day.
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a bad experience..


so i went out and blew a whole bunch of money on hair products, excited to bleach and dye my dreads for the first time. it didn't quite turn out as expected. first of all it took two applications of bleach (50 volume!!) and the best i could get was bright yellow roots, and light brown dreads. i crossed my fingers and went for the dye job (i chose a dark blue) and i ended up having to use BOTH bottles i'd bought (totalling $40 in dye ahh) even though my dreads are only chin/shoulder length. it took an hour to rinse it out, and the tips are still crusty with dye. on top of all this, the dye job is the most botched i've ever done (and i've dyed my hair plenty of times.. in the past). it starts off sea green at the roots, then turns into a baby blue, then turns navy, and then in some patches where i guess the bleach really didn't work as well, it's brownish-blue. it looks kind of gross, but maybe (hopefully) i'll get used to it.

anyways i am NEVER doing that again.. i figure when the color fades out i'll just dye it all dark brown again.

no pictures, but i don't think anyone wants to see this anyway...
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Dear Dread heads,

in a recent entry i read in this community, someone said that they use Tube tops as a headband like for their hair. How did u do it? cause when i used my tube tops the tube top is really lose, its not tight. So hook me up w/the info.
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