October 7th, 2003


HELP!! dandruff is icky & itchy!! ~:-P

my dreadies are doing well but my scalp has been bothering me a lot these past few weeks.. it is so dry & flaky & it is making me want to shave my head to rid my scalp of this itching & nasty dandruff snow.. is there anyone that used to have bad dandruff/scalp irritation & now is rid of it coz of something they use/do?! i have tried multiple dandruff shampoos & tea tree oil just doesn't seem to do the trick.. i was looking in a coupla alternative/natural medicine books today at work and,

* one said to dissolve 10 aspirins in a cup of warm water & then massage it onto your scalp & then let it sit for 15 minutes before washing it out with vinegar..

* another book said to mix 1/2 cup of chopped parsley with 1 pint of boiling water & then let the mixture stand for 30 minutes & then massage the mix into your hair & let it sit for 15 minutes..

* and yet another book suggested putting some aloe vera gel on my scalp & then sleeping with a shower cap on..

* and then i heard somewhere that listerine (mouth wash) can help get rid of dandruff?!

i am willing to try anything to get rid of these flakes & this itchiness.. if i cannot i fear i will have to cut off my dreadies to save my scalp from all this irritation!!
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Eep! My dreads are crumbling off! >:O

Question for you all: Have you ever experienced breakage in the tips of your roots? If I roll my tips between my fingers, little hairs come raining down! Are there any oils that would help hydrate them without conditioning them to the point of undreading? Thanks guys ;D

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david bailey

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hmm.. so i've been wearing my dreads up lately and i realized, they need love. they need to be let down, released, just shown for their lovely beauty.
i gotta make a dread band or something because a hairband just makes them all weird looking, like in a ponytail. eewies and ugh.