October 8th, 2003


in response to some negativity. no hard feelings.

Poop locks?

What's with the hair?
THE most visible sign of an observant Rastafari are his dreadlocks, a long tangled braid-like hairstyle often compared to a lion's mane.
Isis, from the band THC, said dreadlocks are worn in keeping with Biblical scripture to "let the locks on your head and your beard grow," a teaching also observed by some in the Jewish and Moslem faith.

THC keyboardist Poppa E describes his dreads as "antenna to the world."

All five band members say they wash their dreads frequently. "(We) use plenty of shampoo, a big bucket, and lots of essential oils to make 'em smell pretty," keyboardist Maakah explains.

"You see a lot of people these days with dreads as a fashion statement who aren't really into the serious aspects, but it's a serious thing to wear dreads. You wash 'em and they take care of themselves, but you go through a lot (wearing them)," Poppa E says.

Maakah said long dreadlocks and the colorful oversize "crowns" are one way for Rastafarians to quietly demonstrate their unwavering commitment in Jah.

"As they get longer you can't hide 'em. The more your locks grow the more you feel the prejudices, but your covenant is strong," he said.

All five band members have lived on the mainland and agree Hawaii is more tolerant of dreadlock wearers.

"On the mainland it's touch-and-go, but people here love to see the rastaman coming. There's a lot of love here, a lot of different people, but a lot of people coming together. That's how we all ended up here. We've found something here, an acceptance," said Poppa E.
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What is with the hair?
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first timer with a question

hey all
ive had my dreads for a little over 3 years, and while i keep them up myself pretty well, theyve come to the point where theyre in dire need of some real maintenance.
ive heard of places that offer 'dread maintenance', though i have no idea if there are any of these wonderful places in my area.
anyone here know of places that offer this service in the greater Toronto area?
thanks a lot
-chloe :)

ps.all of you and all your dreads look lovely :)

On jobs in food service...

I got a job helping out with catering here at school yesterday and it got me thinking. Are we not actually better suited to jobs in food service because of our dreads? I mean, we don't shed hair all over the place. It's all contained. It's like a built-in hair net!

It'd be an argument to use on a potential employer, anyway.

If I ever have a restaurant, I will only employ people with dreads and people with shaved heads. "Oh, hair in your soup, you say? Well, it doesn't belong to any of my employees. Look at them!" :)

(no subject)

hey im new. 17 from n.y

i dont have dreads. but im getting them soon hopefully.
im just not really sure how to go about it.

i was just curious what different methods/ways did you use to dread your hair.

i dont really know anyone with dreads to ask them, and iv heard different things but i dont want to just try the first thing i hear without knowing.

so i was just curious whats the most effective way you know of. or what way did you use?


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