October 10th, 2003

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size issues...

So, I really want to have tiny little dreadies in my hair, but I don't know if it'll work. I have pretty thin hair, but I seem to have a lot of it. Any suggestions?

Also, my hair is about shoulder length and I am worried about all the super short hair on the back of neck. Will it still dread all right? Oh geesh, I hope.

And on another note. I have been looking for a metal comb everywhere in my town and can't find any for people, but I have realized that most dog and cat combs are basically just fine toothed metal combs. They work the same right? I mean, if I buy it straight from the store it'd be just fine. And then I would even have a new comb for my kittens when I was done.

Well, my boyfriend's little sister is coming up tonight, and she is the one I want to dread my hair, so I am thinking this weekend is it. I need to take some photos tonight or tomorrow so I can show you guys before I start. And then of course I will take a ton once it is over and done with. Oh, lordy, I am way excited. Wish me luck...Tai


aaah! my dad went to scotland (i didn't even know he was going there) and he came home and gave me a scarf and hairband he bought there and i heart them! and i thought i would share since the band looks cool with dreads.. Collapse )
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I work in a haunted forest during october. Well this year I let my dreads down and wear like a monk robe and I open the door for all the people to come in.......I can say the dreads are a wonderful touch in scaring the hell of people lol I mean with them hanging in my face, and my sarcastic grin .......they all run!