October 15th, 2003

  • bone2g


what up dredd PPL...this is Dawit sayin wsup to my fellow dredd heds....New here wanted to greet everyone

Been growin my hair for almost two years cut it twice, its now longer that what it is on my pic:)
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in one of my classes every day a different person goes in front of the class for five minutes and talks about something about themself. anything really. i talked about my dreads (that i just started recently, but are doing well). my proffesor said it was one of the best "five minutes of fame" he's heard so far. i thought it was cool, because everyone was really interested. no stupid questions or anything. it was cool. its a great class.

thats it. just wanted to share my good experience

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Hey guys, I've missed this community. I was kicking it in Ocean Beach for a month, sleeping on the beach and living on the street. Now I have a home again (in DC) not to mention a MIRROR. And my God, my hair was a MESS when I inspected it for the first time this morning. It had grown into shape of the pigtails I'd kept it in and curled up to about half the length I left home with, and the locks were matted to my head and full of sand. I managed to get my locks looking the way they used to (or the way I like it, I guess) with some sea salt and lemon juice in a spray bottle and some vigorous palm-rolling (and the usual TLC).

So this has me wondering if there's anything you do in the morning to keep your dreads looking full and not like you just slept on them? (Wearing a hat has not really helped me.)

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