October 17th, 2003



i don't have dreads yet. it's sad, i know. but i've been watching this community and admiring all the beautiful dreadies of amazing people out there in LJ land. i was talking to a friend of mine about her dreads and asked her the best way to start. she advised that i get the tightest perm possible then dread and i'll get 5 months worth of dreading done in a few days. i'm just curious if anyone has tried this method, or for opinions? anyone?

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some people seem to be pro-wax, some people seem to be against it....
anyone care to share some pros and cons with me since im kinda new to it?
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hey. i really wish i could take a picture and show all of ya but we'll just hafta go on discription. one of my dreads and this was not done on purpose is doing a zig zag thing half way down it and i love it! any ideas on how to get them all to do it. hmmm maybe if i get a wire and wrap them... i dunno. i'm coming up with a couple ideas but do any of you know for sure? cuz this shit is just SEXY!

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any tricks and stuff to get the smoke-smell (for example of concerts-halls or pubs) out of your dreads without washing them?
it mostly vanishes after a long walk outside but as its becoming winter... what do you do?