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newbie. [23 Oct 2003|12:49am]

Just joined. & infact, I just dreaded my hair last night. I did it by myself [mother helped part the hair] took me all of seven hours but I'm happy with it.

Wanted to know all of your opinons on them, excuse the excess wax in the pictures, I didn't realize how much I should use until I got done with half my head. Let me know what you guys recommend for taking care of them and such. Thanks.

Also, I braided each dread a few times before I backcombed to make the roots tighter, think that'll deter my dreadies from growing properly?

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[23 Oct 2003|11:47am]
[ mood | curious ]

well, im happy to say that my dreads are coming along nicely. i was deathly afraid that in the shower they'd get weird, but no! lol i dont know what i mean by "get weird".. but anyway...
well, i rubberbanded the roots, how long do you think i should wait to take them out? i mean, generally how long does it take for them to get tight enough to take the bands out? i dont want em to start breaking, my hairs not thin, but its not terrible thick either...

thanks for any help as always, amigos


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[23 Oct 2003|01:37pm]
hey. i've had my hair dreaded going on 3 times now, had it done and undone for periods over the last 2 years. i am no way the first in my area but it's NEVER been fashionable here, ever. and all of a sudden everyone is getting dreads that i know. i mean there is absolutley NOTHING wrong with someone taking the leap into dreadum... even alot of people but i cannot get over the feeling of wanting to smack them. it was something that was kinda me, and it didn't bother me if one other person walked around sporting the look i knew i still had something not engulfed and transformed and perverted by the masses.... that i was unique in a way.. has any of this ever happened to any of you. and how did it make you feel?
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[23 Oct 2003|02:49pm]
just joined and thought i would introduce my dreads to yall. i think they are about a year in here.

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[23 Oct 2003|05:21pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Hey again everyone.

I have black dreads and i'm looking to dye some of my dreads a light brown / blonde colour and i'm just curious what everyone else uses. I'm a bit weary using bleach cause it's seriously dries out / kills your hair and i don't want to run the risk of dread breakage.

Thank in advance for any replies.

Oh...and by the way, i've never said how much i appreciate all the helpful information i get from this community. Keep it up guys, you all rock!!

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[23 Oct 2003|06:01pm]
i need some help. my dreads should be tightened because have loose hair and also i've just been told my others they need to be tightened. is there a way i can do this without having to use wax? if i did use wax, it would be dreadheadHQ wax.
all advice is greatly appreciated.
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[23 Oct 2003|06:58pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Tomorrow night I'm putting my my first head of dreadies!
I am so excited! :)

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my dreads at the moment... [23 Oct 2003|07:59pm]
they are 2 years old now!!!




the first one might not work. you have to reload the pictures, coz otherwise they wont show up
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hmmmm [23 Oct 2003|10:58pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

k so (not that it's gonna change anything but) i'd like some opinions on the situation. my boyfriend (saying that word makes me feel like i'm 13 or something so we'll just call him zeke...) zeke and i have both wanted dreads for quite some time....so a couple months ago, we did mine and shortly thereafer, did his. some people think it's corny and others think it's cute. i dunno. i like it on both of us, individually and together. what do you think?

here we are

k i hope that picture worked. that's the first time i tried to post a picture so if it doesn't show up, just lemme know what you think of the whole idea. =P i'm a doof.

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