October 25th, 2003

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today at work, i had a meeting with a "team leader" (person above me) and they said, so cleverly indirectly, that the dress code has been "slipping". i already cant wear my nosering, and now htey are saying that we have to present ourselves as tho "our hair has been washed and combed everyday".
i looked directly at her and with the deepest sarcasm said
"yeh, that'll definitly happen"

the worst that can happen is they'll fire me

screw it, never liked that job anyway.
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Hey everyone, just thought i'd post a new picture i took just a couple of minutes ago. This is the result of the dye job that i did today, i'm actually quite surprised cause my dreads where black and that is the colour i got them after only two applications of bleach with 40 volume developer.

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& so the music was like a diary of what was going on

we're autumn like jazz
wailin' sweet thunderstorm
towards lunar dismay

lets conduct a symphony
as the wind, blowing the
slightest notion of

waking to sundried leaves shuffled
back to the regressive tides of winter

time's sinking in, hair thickening as it
breezes & i am barely holding my disposition

i am merely holding my breath
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hi bruthas and sistas, just joined this community, have had locks before natural and "man made" presently lockless as i work around grease an d hydro oil all day and dont really need that in my hair *yuck* any questions about locks, you can ask and i can try to answer, to all of you considering wax to get "insta-dreads" just, be patient.

i dont remember how to do lj tags so just go check out my new website and if your in the winston-salem area throw an e-mail my way and we can hook up....if your interested in anyway in buskering....
Know thy self, everything is bliss, fuck all the dumb shit.
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i need help. i need a new job where i can have my dreadies and hopefully wear my nosering as well, because ive been wanting to pierce my lip, but i cant do it cuz of my job.. i can take my nosering out for eight hours a day because ive had it pierced for a few years... but! cant do that with a brand new piercing. sigh.. i dont know how long you have to wait before you can switch and wear a retainer thing.. dont have any experience with those...

but where do you guys work?

i cant believe i actually did it, but i applied at a new Hot Topic in the area, even tho i really dont care much for the store itself, but the "dresscode" is quite enticing... trying to get a job at maybe a record store of some sort... thatd be cool.

well, just curious where you guys found employment....

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loose ends

so, i've been having trouble with the bottoms of my dreads undoing themselves and while playing with them in class, i started tying them in knots at the bottom, and i think it's working but i haven't tried washing them with the knots yet, have any of you done this before and has it worked?
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  • avenray


I have dreadlocks. Right about noooow.
We worked on them on and off (but mostly on) since about 3 pm. We just finished about an hour ago. And they really don't look much like dreadlocks, but they've got a long road ahead of maturing. All natural, not using any wax (though I may break down and use it for the first month or so). Anyway...

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More updates on the proud owner of a bitchin' hairstyle to come in future...
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