October 27th, 2003

Am a new member to this community

My dreads

I got up one morning and decided to cut off my chemically treated hair
Went to the hairdressers, took of my bandanna and told her chop it off …just leave an inch please.
She promptly told me that she needed my mother’s permission
What a whimp I thought
Later that week went to another hairdresser who did not hesitate to chop it off.
I sat on the chair and watched my hair fall to the gray tiled floor.
At first I felt unsure, but as I watched the reflection of my hairdresser in the mirror I was convinced that I was doing the right thing.
Her flowing black locks feel down to her buttocks and that convinced me that it was not that bad after all
She twisted my hair and how lovely it looked
On Monday I returned to school and all eyes turned to me
“What the hell did you do, you look like a crack addict
I heard their whispers, but I said f@#k them all.
So I continue my journey with me dreads, happy and free ..now everyone says how pretty it turned out to be..

Laugh hopefully I can get a pic loaded up soon
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woah, sweet child of mine

last night at work, i was doing the usual: ringing up customers who just wanted to get out of the store, leaving it to me to make their last moments at the shady second largest public employer in america as pleasant as possible. in comes the old lady: "how did you get your hair like that? oh, it's lovely." i'm not sure if she was serious or not but i have had a few older people like it because it makes them feel like they're in touch with the youth. a short while later, a woman came through my line with a little girl. the girl didn't say anything and her mother (i'm assuming) was talking on the phone frantically. the girl just stared at me the whole time i was bagging their party favors, shoes, and halloween costumes (you think we don't remember what certain people buy? i must keep my mind occupied somehow). the look on this girl's face was PRECIOUS. she just gazed up at me in awe until it was time to go. then, as her mother was pushing her away in the cart, a gorgeous smile came accross her face. it's times like that when i'm reassured that the hearts of children are the most amazing things on earth. it's also times like that when i wish i had a camera =\
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(no subject)

This is probably my first real post here. I've had dreads for a little over three months, now. I kind of wanted my first post to have pictures, as I STILL have no pictures of me with my dreadlocks. :'( Oh, well. I just need a friend with a camera and a scanner...In time, my friends. In time.

So I just found out I have lice. I'm going to get some lice shampoo, because I really don't want to get rid of my dreads. They're my babies! My mom is kind of ticked off at me, but my sister is SO PISSED. She keeps talking about how it's my fault because I have dreadlocks, and I'm so dirty, and blah blah blah. Let alone the fact that you can get lice from simply sitting in a movie theatre seat...

Any advice for using lice shampoo? I mean, has anyone had lice before, and dealt with it without getting rid of their dreads? I'd love any advice you could give.
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(no subject)

I saw a caucasian/foreign dreadlocked man in the mall working one of the isle booths. I approached him and asked him how he went about growing his. He simply said he stopped brushing and shampooing his hair. He seemed humble. It made me think of this community.

Anyways I also noticed how they have started to sell Rastafari tams to every Joe with 15 bucks. What a shame.
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i know this is off topic but i only have until next week to find something and i was hoping someone on here could help me out. i'm looking for a good picture of a mime or a clown (preferably a sad mime) for my next open art project. anyone have any good ones? i was thinking maybe oil painting.
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