October 29th, 2003


frizzy frizz

I have a question. My dreads are nice and tight and they are looking good. The only thing is they are frizzy. Like my hair is straight so i have straight hairs coming out and they dont want to roll up right. I think its because my hair is soft and straight so they dont want to attach to the body of the dread. I have had my dreads for almost a year and they are really nice. I just dont know what to do about the random hairs. Im not talking about ones that stick out of my head cuz i fix those by rolling them into balls and sticking them into my roots. im jus talking about the frizziness of the dread itself. It could be thats just the way my hair dreaded but im not sure, since they have been like this for a long time. So if you have any ideas to help that would be great. Peace and Love
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i got a new job. i work at Hot Topic. hehe. it's fun. anyways when i'm at work people always ask me if my hair is real or if it's a wig or something. it makes me happy.

also, i've noticed that my dreads aren't as big as they used to be. most people look like they have big heads cus of their dreads and so did mine at first but now it doesn't as much. i think maybe cus i'm losing hair or something. makes me sad. i like the "big head" look. heh.
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Shinto Enta cat girl

saltwater.. & recipes.

hi! i'm claudia (aka mackie), 19 years old from montreal, canada. my girlfriend fourmi & i have dreads; hers are almost a year old and mine are only 3 weeks old. my mother gave me sea salt and i want to make saltwater and spray it in my hair.. but i first wanted to know if anybody had a "recipe".. coz i don't know how much salt & water i should put in my bottle (of 300ml). i've been reading the community for a while now and i was wondering if anybody had recipes for dreads.. any kinds.. for itchies, for tightning...etc! :) i know someone posted some recipes a looonnng time ago, but i can't seem to find the entry. can someone help me? :)

here's a picture of me before i got my dreads. i'll upload pics of my baby-dreads very soon! :D
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Hey all, I'm new here and fairly new to the concept of dreading.

I have a short dykey haircut right now. My hair is naturally curly/coarse (mid Eastern).

Any tips on how to do short, "baby" dreads?

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so i've decided that i'm not going to use wax anymore. i haven't used it in a few weeks now and i like the way my hair feels better. i'll only use it for "emergencies" that i can't fix any other way...hopefully there won't be any of those. woo! i also started taking the rubberbands out of the tips tonight. (little cassie is growing up *sniffle*)
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okay, i know holloween is in like.. two days..but i didnt think i was going to go out that night..plans have changed..hooray! im gunna go see particle...SCORE! so i read here, like a while ago..ive been trying to look for the post about someone being medusa...

so far..ive figured out how to make the tougues of snakes but taping a cut out to a bobbypin and sticking it in the end of the dread...the eyes..im not so sure of..what im actually going to wear..im not so sure of either..

any advice?