November 2nd, 2003

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i took my sister trick-or-treating this week. i also took the time friday morning (wow, me getting up early?) to do my hair for school. twas a fun time.
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i <3 halloween =D
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Dear dread heads,

Today, and like most every saturday, me and chris went to the flea market.
While i was looking at a bunch of junk on this table, some lady (she looked about 30) ( a "bar mom") came up to me and said....
"How long have u had your dreads?"
I said...
"hmmm a lil over 2 years now ^_^ "
She said...
"Oh well my friend had them awhile ago, and she had to cut hers out because she had bugs in them, and she kept her dreads cleaned."
i said...
"oooh, yeaa...well i keep my dreads clean, and i dont have a bugs.."
She Said..
"Well my hairdresser said well dreads carry digusting germs, and everyone who keeps dreads will get bug, and thats why my friend got bugs in her dreads.."
I said..
"Heh pitty on ur friend (tsk tsk tsk)"

And then i walked away....the lady started to have an attitude.
I think she was jealous or something, because she was such a bitch!

It doesnt matter if your hair/dreads are clean or dirty, or in between. You get lice/bugs, because you were around them. Lice will live in any type of hair and any style. Clean, dirty, knotted, straight, curly, or just a few hairs on top.

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The worst of news...

As a morbid update...I had to cut my dreads off the other night. I found out I had lice, and I tried using the lice shampoo they had at the store. Not only did it not work, but it loosened my dreads!

My dreads kept itching, so I cut them off. When I cut them off, I found lice ALL OVER MY HEAD! It was disgusting. I'm not sorry I cut them off, I just wish I didn't have to. I never even got around to putting pictures of them up on this community. :-P

I had my mom take a whole roll of pics of my dreads before I cut them off, though. So I'll post pics for a little dread memorial when I get them scanned.

I did some research on lice, and apparently, 1 in 10 caucasians will get lice at one point or another, but only .5% of african-americans will ever get lice. Just an interesting factoid for ya.

It really did surprise me, though. I washed my hair AT LEAST once a week. It really isn't a matter of being clean or dirty. You can pick 'em up anywhere. It's just a matter of chance. I hope none of you meet with the same misfortune I did...
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ok so, i already posted 2 days ago i got my dreads...i need a few tips...please help me!! haha...

-the ends, whats the BEST way to get them to dread...and stay that way??
-how long did you sleep with something on your head? when is it ok not to?
-whats the best way to take care of they dont come loose?

i have lil rubber bands in all the tops and bottoms...and i have been palmrolling and backcombing the ends and help!!

thanks so much!

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I know this has been asked a few times, but forgive me for being lazy. I just wanted to know what's a good shampoo to use on your dreads, I heard paul mitchel's tea tree being thrown around a few times, but I was never sure about it. Also, what's the deal with tea tree oil? You can just rub that stuff in your dreadies and make them smell purdy? hahha. Alright, sorry bout this.
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I just joined because I'm very interested in dreading my hair. I had a perm about a year ago and just recently chopped most of the curls off and I'm left with a frizzy mess now. I had my hair braided back in the summer and it fried my hair and ruined it so I'm very hesitant to try anything else since everything I do to my hair seems to leave me with nothing but horror stories. I've checked the faq here: and I know that you have basically 3-5 days to decide whether you like them or not and still have time to take them out. So I'm willing to give them a try, I'm just scared of when I don't want them anymore and I have to cut them out and be left with very very short hair. I guess I'm just looking for some beginner dread tips .. I've always loved dreads and I think they look so cute on most people but I'm scared heh. I don't want any professionals doing it because I don't want any chemical shit in my hair and I don't want to risk doing it by myself .. is it better just to get a friend to do it? Is it hard to do? Thanks!
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