November 3rd, 2003

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oh my.
this guy has come into work for the past few nights. i never have paid attention to what hes buying, but he has the most gorgeous dreads ive ever seen in real life.. i want to just marry him/his dreads. lol.
i dont know.. im a dork. but its fun.

oh, im also having some problems with my job still. ive been talking to anotehr girl at work who has dreads. she's never had anyone say anything to her about having dreads at work. she's from africa, and has had them since she started there. im caucasian and just starting my locks. She thinks its great, but the people "above" us at work have been giving me shit about it. i dont know, makes me feel crappy..
damn my job
well, here ya go

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1 one last question .. i've been researching dreads pretty heavily the past couple of days and have even found some reputable salons that specialize in dreads (though extremely expensive) but the main concern and the main reason why I'm still scared to go ahead with it is the fact that once I'm bored with my dreads or I'm ready to take them out, I'll have to cut them out. Do you have to cut them extremely short, like close to your scalp? Or is it possible to just cut the actual dreads fairly short, like chin level let's say and then just condition them lots and soak them lots until they gradually start to come out? I just won't be comfortable having extremely short hair once they have to come out .. I've never had hair shorter then my shoulders before. Anyone had to cut them out or anyone have any suggestions?

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What's the average age of people here? Just curious, my mom seems to think I'm 'too old' for dreads and I need to stop trying to act like a teenager and grow up. I just turned 24 this past September .. I wasn't aware I was too old for dreads :o/ Anyone else have a problem with dreads and their parents? Anyone receive a lot of negativity because of their dreads? I have a decent job that allows piercings, tattoos, braids, and yes even dreads .. just no funky colors which doesn't make sense to allow everything else but no funky colors but whatever, I can't complain. :)
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A message from the moderator...

Hey friends, I'd like to apologize for being so remiss in my responsibilities to this community. As it turns out, I'm hardly ever on a computer these days, let alone livejournal... I am wondering if anybody would like to step up and "take over" the position of moderator... It'll be like a coup... If you're interested, e-mail me at, and we'll figure out how to arrange that!!! Thanks and Love, Laura

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i knew what i wanted to ask...and now i dont really remember...i think it was something like...

are there any GREAT ways to tighten dreads???? borns that is...

ive heard wax is bad...and so are rubber bands...and ive heard they were both someone please help me!...

uhm yea...any other cool tips or things that worked great for you...would be great...all very much apreciated....

thanks a pant load kiddies ^_^
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