November 7th, 2003

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trying my hand at some dread art.... i desperately wish i could find my charcoal, it would look mucho better... but here ya go anyhow...
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sad/cut arm
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they're in:


i had them put in by a friend (a very pregnant beautiful hippie with fat dreads)
last friday

a few questions:
- what can i do about my oily scalp while i wait as long as i can to wash them for the 1st time? (i'm itching and scratching already and it's gross)

- there are many stray hairs that keep coming out of my locks... i've tried to get them back in, but they keep coming out... anything i can do about this at this point in time?

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i'm gonna be heading off and living in the woods for a good month (rainbow gathering.. yay!) and i wanna know in advance how to get rid of fleas. i hear to cut your dreads but i do not for a second believe that is the only answer. i refuse to believe it actually. everyone said the only way to get rid of dreads period was to cut them but i comb those suckers out that last two times i had them. so enlighten me fine people

My excuse for having dreads

Today i just relaized that i sometimes forget i have dreads.. i have gotten so use to them ..that i don't miss combing my hair and they seem to be jus my am wondering why do ppl always ask me
what does it feel like to have dreads?
are you on a spiritual quest?
are you rebelling against society?
i simply tell them
" I just doh like combing meh hair" (in my caribbean accent)

what's your excuse?
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frizz prevention

my head's developed extreme frizziness.
one of the suggestions i've read on here is to wear a hat to bed to help prevent this.
i've tried the hat-in-bed-thing (using three different toques on different nights), and all the times that i've tried, i can't get the damn hat to stay on my head!
i guess i toss and turn too much, or something, because by morning i always end up with the hat under my pillow or against my nose or down by my feet(!).
any tips for hat-wearing ;) in bed?
or any other tips on how to de-frizzify a head of dreads?
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