November 12th, 2003

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I think this'll work, when you see this it should be a pic taken immediately from my webcam. I've not posted any pics of my dreads for months so, well, here's me being lazy and doing it like this....

Enjoy :-)
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SouthPark Me

Hope for all ye jobless

Heya. Just to let everybody know, that me and my ass-lenght dredlocks are now employed... for the government!

Well vaguely for the gov't. I'm working for a crown corp (a government owned business). Specifically, the LCBO (Ontario Liquor Stores).

I need to wear a shirt and tie, but they have no problem with my beard or locks.

Incidentally, if any of you are in Toronto in December, I'm working at the Summerhill LCBO, vintages section.


my 2 1/2 month old dreads

my dreads are about 2 1/2 months old... i thought it was time to post a picture of their progress. some of them are wrapped in wire and some are wrapped in yarn, in an attempt to tighten them up. there are also quite a few beads in there for the same reason. i like the way they're coming along, and apparently they don't look *that* horrible, because i was just hired for a new job at a fabric store!

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hi my name is kandis..and i really want dreadlocks..well my work says i cant have them but i might get another job...i was just curious if people thought it would look right. i have permed hair..maybe 2 inches of new growth
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what is the best method to use for my type of hair? knotty boy or something. thanks
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So I Was Thinking.

Hi, I'm Laney. I've wanted dreads for awhile, but my mother was never to hot about the idea, but I've done so talking, I think I've convinced her that it'll be all good.

I have a few questions, and I'd love it if you'd take the time to answer them if you get the chance.

1) I got almost all of my hair off this summer, but it's started to grow, and I'd say I have a good 5 to 6 inches on my head. I've heard that the minimum length for dreads is 3 or 4 inches. Should I let my hair grow a little more before I start the process?

2) How did you get your dreads? What was the easiest, or hardest part about getting them?

3) A friend of mine with dreadlocks said that his scalp "feels healthier" since he got his dreadlocks about a year ago. How does your scalp feel?

4) What's the best part about having your dreadlocks?

5) Any hints, tips, or warnings?

I'd love any response.
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hey, i just joined this community for some help... i sorta want dreads....but I'm getting some no's... for example, a best friend:
Magictuesday: that would be hideous
tericarl: and whys that. tell me every reason why i shouldnt
Magictuesday: and you shouldnt do it . . .because they wouldnt fit your face or your style and theyre nasty and 2 months later when you dont want them anymore youll have to cut all of your hair off

Magictuesday: umm theyre pretty much tangled hair and dirt
tericarl: they're clean..
Magictuesday: i dont like them on girls . . .only on guys

tericarl: why would they look bad on me
Magictuesday: they're gross . . .you have to not wash your hair for like three months to have good ones.
Magictuesday: theyd make you look butch

Magictuesday: and theyd be shorter because your hair is already pretty short and youd look like a sheep dog and wouldnt be able to pull them back very easily
Magictuesday: not if you want good ones. . . believe me.the real deal is not clean

Magictuesday: just dont get them . . .its all around a bad idea
Magictuesday: i thought about getting them myself.
Magictuesday: and then i weighed the pros and cons and considered reality

Magictuesday: and i dont want to have to cut off all my hair when im done with them and have to grow out
Magictuesday: and you would look more professional trying to get a job
Magictuesday: which you need a job
Magictuesday: and most importantly . . . .you wouldnt look like some lame hipster

Magictuesday: you wouldnt become jamaican .. .youd be a lame college kid with dread locks to go with your piercings and tattoos
Magictuesday: hipster

Magictuesday: youd look ridiculous
Magictuesday: like japanese people trying to be all american
Magictuesday: wearing cowboy hats and whatnot
tericarl: everyone loves the japanese
Magictuesday: yeah . . .but youre not japanese
Magictuesday: not by a longshot
Magictuesday: and we do not live in tokyo
Magictuesday: theyre asian . . .theyre allowed. . . .no, teri, youre definitely american. i mean, youre catholic

Magictuesday: thats what people think when they see dreadlocks . . .phish head that doesnt shower, and probably doesnt even like phish' music
tericarl: what if i don't care what people think?
tericarl: what if I just think they're pretty

So, here's some pictures of me behind the cut... a variety of them.... and let me know. my hair is al ittle short right now... so maybe wait?? Collapse )
Should I grow the hair out? Should I forget about it? Or what would look better? I trust you all!!