November 13th, 2003

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ok i need help once again...i know my dreadies arent OLD yet but i am worried about them...some are very loose...and my ends are all very VERY loose and "soft like" if there is ANYTHING that would help me at all...PLEASE!!! help! ^_^...i was contemplating "wrapping" them with yarn....i dont know.....

help ^_^

yes im a dumbass....
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  • randi_h

squeeky clean!!

i washed my dreads... they got a little weird, but its nothing that time cant help...

maybe i didnt wait long enough before i washed them, but oh well.. the itchies are gone.
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  • avenray

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I'd hate to be accused of favoritism, but do you have a favourite dread? Does it have a name? What's it like?

Mine is big mama. It's this one dread that's much larger than most of the others, is slowest to mature, but has a lot of character.
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i've wanted dreadlocks for some time, but i don't know where to start. do i need a friend to do it for me, or help? & is there anyway i can "start" the process before purchasing any products? i've been told to not wash your hair for a while, so i haven't. & just as many sites/tips as possible would be great. by the way, my hair is just below my shoulders.