November 17th, 2003

  • jame0

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I'm going to my graduation tomorrow morning, getting all dressed up in a suit, shirt and tie, the works. I'm going to be seeing people I've not seen in like six months, before I started the dreads and stuff. I'm just curious as to what response I'll get really, I'm also wondering how many people will ask me questions like 'did I have to stop washing my hair?' and all that..

It'll be kinda interesting to see what people's reactions will be, I'm expecting a mixture of positive and negative I guess.

Yeh, just a random dread related thought for you all, I'll report back in two days, hopefully with new photos too :-D
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  • randi_h

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allright.. so i put rubber bands back in my dreads.. more loosely this time... but tmy dreads were getting fuzzy and clinging to each other.. im hoping this will help.
well, as far as dread progress goes, theyre doing good. the roots and ends are still being finicky, but they are definitly getting there. which makes me mucho happy =)

ok, heres some pics, with bands back in them.. im thinking about wrapping them, maybe in hemp... :shrug: alos, wiht this new headband thing i got for like 50 cents. i love it

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so, i'm getting married this very January 1st and i've got about 6 month old dreadies. does anyone have any good ideas for my wedding hair-do? i'm still undecided as to if i should wear a veil or flowers...
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