November 18th, 2003

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i used to have a lot of snow hats but i went through a day wear i cut em all at the top and resulted in not getting anything out of it , i was trying to make a cool wrap head thingi for my hair, but they all looked really stupid, what are some other thingsi could use for this? where can i get these things? any real direction on how to make em?? thanks for your help
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i love this community. at first i was worried because i didn't see a lot of black people here (and our hair types are different so i didn't know if there would be a lot we could suggest for each other) but you guys have been so helpful to me and to each other.

now to my question.

whenever i try to put beads and such in my dreads they don't stay because i have rather thin ones. anyone go any tips? because i got this bag full of mini conk shells and stones that i want to put in my hair but from some reason they won't hold.

i've tried sewing them in and knotting them in.

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So, I've been working on taking out my dreadies.

They've been in for about a half year, but I'm still not satisfied with how they came out. I was working on just loving them for what they are, but since I was a noob at it, and now I've got loads more experience and tips and such, I'd love to just start over and get them how I want them and make them smaller and all about the same size.

I've been working on taking them out for about 2 weeks. I had 2 bottles of conditioner in my hair for about 2 or 3 days, tons of detangling spray, some combs and just my fingers. It's still taking about 2 - 3 hours for each dread. While they're still pretty loose-ish, thye're still getting tighter every day and I really want a quicker way to get this done. The most difficult part is at the roots and close to the roots because that's where I'd worked on them the most.

I really want to just take them out, give my hair some breathing room, and sit down and just re-do them. I have the time and patience for it, but I feel like the longer I'm waiting on this, the harder it is. I have a really bad shoulder and for that I can't work on them very long at a time, maybe 15 - 1/5hr periods at the most.

Does ANYONE have ANY pointers, tips, ideas, suggestions, experience - ANYTHING that might make removing them a little easier for me?

Thanks so much in advance..

EDIT: I've already started taking them out, I have about 5 or 6 out. I think the major part is my dreads are decently long, and I was just wondering if anyone had pointers, or any good detangling conditioners, or anything at all. I'm not cutting them, it IS possible for me to get them out because I've got some out, I'd just die for an easier way. ;D thanks

Dry washing

I've had my dreads for a year and a half now, and I'm happy with them. A complaint I have though is how long it takes them to dry when I wash them. They make it through frequent washings fine, but then I have those wet dreads hanging on me all day that I have to do something with.

What I'm wondering about is washing my hair in the shower less often, and augmenting that with maybe scrubbing my scalp with some oils or something. Does anyone have any ideas about doing that, or alternately, solutions to my wet head problem?
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here's the deal. i extreamly want dreads. but, 1. i dont think i'd look semi-good with them. my style is too boring&plain. but, im not really okay with them being perminent. unless somehow i could accept that fact, hah, but yeah, here are some pictures, ANY opinions are welcome. good or bad.
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once again, any opinions would be helpful