November 20th, 2003

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I just took some pics out of boredom, I'll try to take some more in daylight if I can 'cos they're not showing up very well using the flash. My dreads are now four months and two weeks old.
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Dread story.

I had an interview today for a corporate position. Dreadlocks and all I walkd in there confident as could be. Needless to say, my inhibitions failed me. I was hired, and am now the proud owner of a $450 a week paycheck, which to me is A LOT!

My dreads were not a problem at all. Good luck to all of you who seek employment and feel judged because of your looks. I know society can be a fucktard.
p.s, I also passed my sign language test in class to night. I am just having a good sunny day:)
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