November 21st, 2003

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I was wondering if anyone has cut their fat dreads in half? Mine are pretty big and I like most of them. I have a few in the front that I would love to cut in half (tearing is not an option, they are too tight) but I have been scared I would end up with a pile of hair on the floor and none on my head!
I have not used any products in my dreads but I am not against a little beeswax to keep them together after cutting.
Any advice?

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Hey all.

I'm pretty new to this community, and I really want dreads. My hair is pretty short, though. I was hoping to put it in little baby dreads the week after thanksgiving.

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hey im Misi,new here...
i just started dreading my hair a few days ago...
It is a long process when no one wants to help
but i am pretty happy with how it is turning out so far
i will post pics soon...

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Just a few pics of my dreads.
Here's some info on them.

Age: almost 3 1/2 years
Hair Type before dreading: straight fine hair dry hair with oily scalp
Process: Just let em clump and pulled those clumps apart. I do different stuff to em now but for about 2 years they only saw shampoo and the elements.
One thing I've learned about dreads is they definitely get better with age :)

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seems like theres beena whole lot of posts lately about cutting off dreads and combing them out...
anyone else notice this or is it just me?

im working on this little timeline thingy of my dreads. like and evolution of. its fun to look back at pics when i first started and then now.
ill post it before too long its interesting.

i spose thats it


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hey, Im sure ive asked this before but i thought i'd ask again. A friend of mine brushed out her dreads of 6 months, hers were quite thin but. Im going to brush mine out this weekend - tomorrow, and i have thick dreadies, just under 4 month old dreadies, anyways, is there a technique as to how to brush them out. the reason im doing this is because my dreadies dont resemble dreadies, its more mess really, and i cant deal with them, I also have the worst dandruff, rash on my shoulders, chest and back and i cant deal with the itchies, but i would like them back in, after i figure everything out, order my knotty boys anyways if anyone has any good tips tell me..that would be great. advance
i am however going to get them back in before christmas -
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