November 22nd, 2003

sad/cut arm
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how does this community feel about nudity? i have some nude and dread pictures of myself that i'd like to post... they're more on the artistic side....
Me with pink highlights

dry dreads

i've always had dry hair, so now that i have dreads and dont use conditioner im finding it hard to keep my hair healthy.

im a wax user, but does anyone know of any other way to keep my hair from drying out?


I have a new nice pic of me and my dreads now and wanna post it but am not sure how as there is no attachemnts button etc,,do i need to download that speacial update software?

regards mike
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sad/cut arm
  • byher

nude dready art

i just figured because gryn had posted a drawing done of a nude pregnant dreaded woman a little while ago, that that kinda stuff was welcomed here... but one person has objected and i don't wanna mess with the unity in this community so i've decided to save my art work for other communities and my own lj... thanks for being honest!!

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hey. I've seen people in this community talk about knotty boy, but does anyone have experience with dreadhead? They carry dreadhead at a local store here and that's what I was going to pick up to help me out.

Have people had good experiences with their products? Bad? Let me know.
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gah! so, i thought i had finally found a guy who could get past me having dreads. it seems i was wrong.

he wants me to cut them off after i've only known him for a week and a half!!!fuck that!

i'm dumping his ass...
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