November 24th, 2003


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I'm having a problem. I was wondering if dreads make your face break out. I know hair is oily and since I don't wash it I figured that must be it. I stopped putting wax in my hair and it seemed like it's been improving my face and my hair. I only use eposon salt to try em out. I need to listen to you people more and my culture....natural is the way
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Aighty well now lets see ive been dreading my hair now for about a year, I have straight fine white boy hair no doubt to that. I used the all superior backcombing and wax method and then banded the hell out of my hair. About a month into it I had to go on the road and was unable to really pay attention to it... on top of that i consistantly got soda in my hair everynight for about a 2 months ( no no i dont take baths of coca cola for pleasure it was just the job) so therefore i had to wash it regularly. This took its toll on my hair and made the knots break apart, So I decided to wrap my hair and ever since it seems to have been locking alot nicer and thinner. But some have remained a lil on the loose side any tips on how to get them to lock a lil better?.....also do you think bleaching and dying it would be a mistake?.....any help would be much obliged. Thank you.

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some people have told me if u try to perfect your dreads by backcombing, even if its already been 8 months - it will ruin the lock . is this true? if ui still backcomb with my 8 mnth old dreads will it mess up the process?
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This is kinda off topic.

I am moving down to Orlando, Fl by myself in a few days and was wondering where cool places are around if anyone knows.........I dont know anyone down there and would like to find some like minds.
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online pics resource.

I keep seeing more and more people asking where they can upload photos.

I can't encourage you enough to upload pictures of you dreadies, friends and adventures.

I decided to throw together an unmoderated image gallery with anonymous posting for my dready friends.

To upload your pictures to the site, go to and click the upload link (yes, just one a time). The last photo is shown first, and the uploaded photo shows up in the gallery within a minute.

Once you have uploaded your photo, right click over top of it, and you have a url you can use to post to your journal inline or post a link to.

Uploaded content is owned by nobody, if you don't own the pic, don't upload it and anything you see as offensive will be removed at the first complaint to support (see on the page).

Have fun.
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i was at a show last night and i saw this girl. she didnt have dreads, but she had her hair in sections with rubberbands on them. it was like big rubberbands wrapped around and pulled downwards, so they looked criss-crossed... it was kinda neat looking, im wondering how this would work with dreads, maybe help them get tighter?

who knows. ive half decided to just stop fucking with my dreads all together. let them run wild, become what they will. rather than try to establish some organization amongst them.

who knows.
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Ive cut my dreads off and throw them away, exept one. Its my darling, and he isnt cut of, just like my longest one, and my oldest one.
Ive decided to cut them off, caisue i dont feel well with a habit, my life is one big chaos. I've had dreads for i think 13 months, so it was time to change it.
I don't feel sorry about it, cause i already know that they will come back. I just grow my hair for this time, and at the day that i hear i'm, pregnant i will dread it again, 'cause its the progress that i love.

me without my dreaddies...

And just know that its the progress who make them beautiful.

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"While peddling influence to energy tycoons, the White House quietly dropped criminal and civil charges against Koch Industries, America's largest privately held oil company. Koch faced a ninety-seven-count federal felony indictment and $357 million in fines for knowingly releasing ninety metric tons of carcinogenic benzene and concealing the releases from federal regulators. Koch executives contributed $800,000 to Bush's presidential campaign and to other top Republicans."

read the rest.

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I've been seriously thinking about getting dreads. I was wondering, is 'Knotty Boy' as great as everyone says it is? or should I use something else? Thanks for the input! =)
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Happy Fucking Birthday

My *pal* thinks he just found a lice egg on his scalp.
In my house.
He's never had lice-
so how the fuck would he know?

I don't want to shave my head.

My Birthday(20) is on Wednesday.
I don't want to shave my head on my birthday.

* What do lice and their eggs look like?