November 27th, 2003


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Im starting to think harder about cutting of the dreads. I think my main reasons are my scruffy ass annoying tips there horrible. Ive tryed it all to get them to look better but they just wont hold. I dont really want to cut them because some i would have to cut off about 2 inches. And im just getting bored im like a woman with my hair gotta change it or do something. Im also thinkin about maybe latexing the tips, My homie did it and it worked nice for him left a real sharp tip.....I might jack his style.
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well thanksgiving dinner is already over for me. we usally eat at around 3 or 4, but today we ate at noon since alot of my family are going hunting this weekend.... you know its hard to enjoy a thanksgiving dinner when you get comments like "you HAVE to cut that hair," or "i thought you would be out of that my now," and things like "well you know he just loves to be weird." i replied to the last statment saying "i dont love to be weird, and im not weird. i just do things i like, and they happen to be different from you." the reply back was "like i said, you love to be weird..."

excerpt from an entry on THanksgiving day.

my roommate's mom was looking at me earlier today and i was twisting my dreads and she said something like "so what's with your hair?" and i said "they're dreads" and she said "yeah, i know they're dreads. why'd you do that to your hair?" and i said "because i like them."

y'see, because this is typed out you miss the whole tone and exchange of body language and looks and relaly, if i could somehow type all of htose things out you'd understand how annoying it was. um. why do you think i dreaded my hair? because i want people like you to ask me all the damn time?

that's the other thing about my dreads too. i love them and so does matthew and yes, we want to live as natural and organically and red-meat free as possible (which will not be half as hardcore as others), but we are not hippies. i don't wear flowy dresses and birkenstocks and neither does he. and if we did, it would be for comfort, not to be called hippies. i just get sick of these automatic labels that are put on people if *one* thing happens to fit a category. who else agrees with me on this?

and there is nothing wrong with hippies or people who happily define themselves as such. i am just not.
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