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Look here! [28 Nov 2003|06:59am]
Look at this, I've finished another dready drawing (original size, 18" x 24"):

Click on that to see it at 640x480

More drawings I've done here:
Click on any of the 3 on that link to see more.

I hope to be starting on another dread-head drawing today.. after sleep.
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mmm...peppermint [28 Nov 2003|09:05am]
i just wanted to say i received my shipment of a new knottyboy product. it was the peppermint spray.

its like whoa. it smells really, really good. and it makes your scalp tingle at first and makes the itchiness go away.
i also sprayed it on some of my dried out dreads and it made them feel healthier too.

sorry, im not trying to advertise or anything, i just thought some people would be interested in whether the stuff works or not.
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hair [28 Nov 2003|05:28pm]
[ mood | calm ]

we have this red hair dye at my house right now. i have blonde hairs (as my pic that i posted last week shows). what do you think about red tips? weird? cool? totally awesome? ok? not worth it? funky? bad idea with wedding coming up?

i know it probably matters more what i think than anyone else, but i'm kind of...up for anything so i don't care much. and ic ould always bleach it if it turns out bad. whatever.

any thoughts?

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[28 Nov 2003|08:17pm]
When ever I unwrap my hair, People always ask if my hair is just sectioned and waxed. Seems like my hair is locking decently but for some reason they look straight they dont look like dreads, more like my hair has gel in it...I think I need to start washing them more cause my hair is naturally greasy. Well ima keep on fighting it out.
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[28 Nov 2003|10:46pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

hello hello,
i'm about 2 or 3 days new to here, but just now made an entry : )
say, i would like bangs again...after talking to robotparade about her purdy ones. you see i tried leaving my bangs undreaded when i first began my dreadlock process but i used bees wax..... well think we all know what happens to undreaded hair when lots of wax gets in it...doesnt look too purdy, so i dreaded them too eventually. but now that my locks are nice and tight i've stopped using wax. which makes me think that my bangs would work once again. sooo to the question i have --------> if i was to cut the two front dreads, comb and condition out whats left...how short would i need to cut them to have healthy hair, that wouldnt rip out or end up super frizzy once combed out? i was thinking about three inches..what do you think?? i know it will be shorter than i'd like my bangs to be, but hey..hair grow!

<3 <3 http://www.kurthalsey.com/drawings/pillows.jpg <3 <3

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