November 29th, 2003

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I heard lime can help lock your dreads....Anyone tryed this tactic?. And latex works good on tips like glue them and burn them it keeps the lose hair in and makes them thicker, My friend did this and it looks crazy tight....Any other ideas or just funny tatics people have used im bored

Professional Dreads?

Interested in some opinions here .. So I've finally decided to go ahead with dreads. I spent some time getting other peoples opinions, my moms reaction was "they're gross, disgusting and nasty" and the best one, "you're not black." Then I asked a couple guys at work who said "ew, no." Then finally my best girl friend said "definitely, they'd look good." So fuck everyone elses negativity, I'm doing it. Now my question: What are your thoughts on getting dreads done professionally at a salon that specializes in dreads? The reason I'm asking is because I'd rather not do them on myself, I'm a huge perfectionist and I'll just end up doing and re-doing each dread like 6 different times until it's perfect .. none of my friends have a clue so they can't help. I mean are professional dreads still the real deal or is it better to just do them myself? I've read up on them on a couple of websites and I'd still rather not do them myself .. thoughts?

Oh and I e-mailed one of the salons for more info and here's what they said: Collapse )

I had asked about what's in the dread stuff since I'm against chemical shit and animal ingredients.
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ive been around here for a while but havent really posted yet...anyhow...

i've spent the past 2 days trying to dye the dreadicles -- i did it a few times when they were new but guess now that mine are pretty well locked i'm having a hell of a time.
i'm going for burgundy red. the 'dreadlocks' are taking darkdarkdark blackred and the roots are these vibrant oranges and pinks.
i had this problem with black too -- brown roots, blue dreads from blueblack.
i've done henna with great results but it doesn't play nice with chemical dyes too well. and picking out all the rebel twigs that made it thru the sifter was never too fun.

i know some people here dye theirs....any ideas?

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hey all.

just wanted to say that tomorrow is my one year anniversary of my dreadlocks. it's also my friend kristie's 18th birthday. i'm going to celebrate both.

i love dreadlocks. you guys all kick ass.

ok bye :D
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An inquiry, of course..

Now, I've toyed with the idea of getting my locks naturally, but I msay be an impatient nelly. Hehe. Just wondering if any of you know of salons in the Massachusetts area that specialize in dreadlocking? Your input would be much appreciated. Hehe, thanks : )