December 4th, 2003

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Ok so I gotta go get more wax cause I left mine somewhere...I was wondering if Locking Accelrator was even worth getting for dreads that are 9 months old but arent quite fully locked like i would like them to be.

ok dread heads......

a while back..someone posted a picture of them and a few others sitting in a row tightening each others dreads.
if you have any idea what im talking about, know where i can find that pic or if you yourself posted it will u be so kind as to post it again?
it was such a beautiful picture and id love the pleasure of seeing it one more time. :blush:

thank you in advance =]
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Plead the FIF!

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just for quick reference (from my experience)
dread techinques:

palm rolling: helps to thin your dreads. good if you want small ones.

backcombing: helps make dreads fatter. big fat dreads are fun!

twisting: like palm rolling. good for short, thick curly hair.

braiding: easy to maintain, good for wavy to curly hair.

natural: works best with curly hair. takes longer.

hope I'm helpful.

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walking around between my classes today, a few days before finals.
first snow storm of the year set in this morning, to continue until sat or sunday.
white everywhere, on the trees, on the grass, on me.
kinda worried about snow messing up the finals schedule
i dont want sat. finals again, please.
green knit cap pulled down low, my eyes barely peaking out from the bottom.
my drads sticking out, restng on my shoulders , catching the snow...watching the snow accumulate on their faded pink tips as i walk.
bright red scarf, bright red gloves.
not even noticing the cold

i just felt so cute and happy!

i <3 my dreads in the snow.
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jinyoung shin
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What do you think of dreadlock extensions?

I'm wondering what the general consensus is. I know I often like to preach "all-atural is the only way to go," but lately I've gotten obsessed with this vision of about twenty little (fake) blond and pink dreads woven into my real ones. I can't get rid of this thought! I'm this close to scrounging up some cash to buy a pack!

So, either pound it out of me, or convince me it's okay to indulge in fakeness (and hypocrisy!) once in a while.
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oi! i was just looking at wayyyy previous entries, and i found this pic and i had to re-post it [i hope that's okay] because i'm sure tons of people didn't get to see it and it's freakin' awesome!

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hey everyone! this is nikki again (kittypoop, new account)

i re-dreaded my hair...and im content...and i know it will take a while...and i just need to leave them alone but is there anything that i can do that is easier than backcombing that i can get them to be tight??

help meh please?!

thanks alot buds

peace ^_^
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as usual, i am at work. and bored. so i took some pictures! yay! dance and rejoice! or not. do what feels right.

me glasses are crooked!!!


yea. bored.
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