December 5th, 2003

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hey, i'm amanda. i'm new. 24. live in pittsburgh.
i love seeing all your dreadies. :)
I've had mine for about 2 years.

Trying to find pictures that really show 'em...
everybody on the computer always thinks i have fake hair... eee... but these babies are 100 percent me.

good enough. <3
just wanted to introduce myself.

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I've been wanting dreads for a long time, and now I'm seriously thinking about getting them done. I'd like to know if you think they'd look good on me.

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Now im not attacking anyone here I just have a question why do peoeple ask oh "would I look good with dreads" and such? who cares what others think get dreads if you like them there for you not for other peoeple . If you want them get them if some one says mean things about you cause you have them who cares if you like them have them and keep them. dont let other run your life.
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when i first started my dreads a month and a half, maybe two... ago.. i did a bit of back combing and waht not, but not a whole lot.. then basicly havent touched it since.. except for a few washings. worked some... but ive decided to let whatever is not dreaded now, like the back of my hair just go naturally. i always see pics of people that went all natural and they look so awesome. i dont care how long it takes, im just gonna let them do whatever they want. run wild. haha

so here they are as of now (btw.. i dyed again last night, prolly should have, but fuck it)

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y0 whutup peeps.

I'm getting dreadlocks tomorrow. I last washed and conditioned my hair two days ago. My question is: should I wash my hair today, tomorrow, or not at all? And should I use shampoo and conditioner, or just shampoo?
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i have a question:

salon dreads and homegrown dreads.

what is the difference?
do they do them different?
like chemicals or something?

i'm honestly stupid not trying to start drama.

i got mine done is a salon. cost me 60 bucks to start and i go back every 3-5 months to mantain for 40. but if i stop going i'm gonna use the same techinque(sp?). so i don't see why the location changes the hair.

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okay does anyone know of places in massachusetts that put in -pro- dreads. i'm debating that vs. having my sis-in-law and friend do put 'em in. -pro- price is the deciding factor.
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bangs bangs bangs sheeesh!

ok i sorta did what you guys said about getting my bangs back. what i ended up doing was pulling my old bangs from the front two dreads....slooooooooooowly. it took a long time and kind of hurt, but it worked nicely. the hair was healthy too, i thought itd be torn and tangly and stuff..but after i washed and conditioned it was like perfect!when i dreaded my hair my bangs were really short, and now they are down to my i trimmed them up a to my lips..and let them do whatever, they end up behind my ears by the end of the day though hehe, pottery's hard with hair all in yer face! thanks guys!
<3 <3
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So i am thinking it is about time to part with my dreads. I am trying to get a job and it is just too damn hard trying to live and have dreads at the same time.

i am so sad. Here is a picture of my lovelies.

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