December 10th, 2003

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I'm not going to take this...
Last night my mom said that I'll never get a job looking like a fucking idiot..ooh the nerve of her. Shes lucky I didnt backhand her lol.

so my question is..have any of you ever had a hard time finding a job and if not where do you guys work?
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Anyone in the NSW Australia area willing to do dreads? please contact me! I will pay, but not very my hair is rather thin now, and um...yeah..30-50dollars? anyone willing to do mine for know you want too..

if you do..
email me or just comment and such.


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ok, please help me, very in the hell do you sew a dread were to break in could i sew it back on? or how else can i fix it? help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaasseeee

thanks ^_^

ms. nikki
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