December 11th, 2003

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It seems to appear that one of my dreads has decided to split into two at the end. Has this ever happened to anyone? How do I fix it? Right now I think I'll just leave it alone and laugh at it. See visual below.

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I still, extreamly want to get dreads, but i also wanted to know, if anyone has any problems, getting jobs, or anything like that, because of youre hair, or appearance or anything like that.

Sorry if it's a stupid question, but i was just curious
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my dreadshake is better than yours

not really....that didn't make much sense. ok well, anyway...a short history on the dreads of Aimless Amy.

i started off backcombing with some weird wax stuff that i found in the Afro-American hair care aisle in the beauty shop, following the directions on that...didn't stay too well, especially after my mom made me wash my hair. then my friend was over and she said i didn't do it right, so she grabbed my hair and started pulling it apart and twisting and tying it in knots. "eeeww, i'm getting butch wax all over my hands..." was what she said. so after about a week, my mom made me wash my hair again, just as well because it was starting to unravel again. i went to a different beauty shop and got some really good smelling (but bad holding) wax and attempted to back-comb again. eh, not too good. meanwhile, i kept crocheting my hair to keep it together. at least two are still like that, and a bunch are still knotted hair, but more matted since then. i eventually found my way to a jar of knotty boy and their really nifty shampoo bar. worked a lot better with holding it together, but there are still at least two dreads in the back that are just squiggly and flat, but i can't palm roll them because they're too tightly matted... and some others that are all out of whack since the knotting.

it's been about 2 or 3 weeks since i last used my knotty boy, and that was just a little bit, so i guess i'm not so dependent on it anymore. but my 3-part question is: a)if i were to wrap my hair, what exactly would it do, and for how long? b)what would i wrap it with? and c)would i still be able to wash my hair every once a week or so?
help is greatly appreciated. muchas gracias.
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