December 13th, 2003

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Hi! I've been meaning to post in here for like ever, but I never get around to it, and end up just asking everyone around me for advice instead.

But, I'm working at my school library right now, and someone just came up to check out books, and she had the nicest smile I'd ever seen, and was just so sweet. And I was wondering why she was smiling at me so nicely, until she asked "how long have you been dreading your hair?" and said she just started a week ago (she was wearing a hat) and we talked about it and she was so excited and happy and she left still smiling and it was just so nice, like a random bonding experience. I don't know.

I've only had mine since september, and they're still all crazy, and I've had a lot of problems, but oh I love them so much. I'm just letting them develop, and they keep changing, and it's just insane how your hair just transforms into something totally different. My favorite thing is that I always used to look in the mirror and be shocked and think that I just didn't look like myself, and now when I catch my reflection somewhere, I won't be surprised at all; I just look how I really look.

Ach, I'll post later about specific things, but I figured while I was actively avoiding studying, I might as well make a first post and say hi. I love reading what you all say, and you're all so beautiful. So, hi. :)

Bead Confusion

Okies.. About the beads and "Christmas" cards thing. I had a post in which if you were interested.. you were to put your e-mail addy. After everyone posted their e-mail.... you'd gather those e-mail addresses and send your personal address to each one. From there.. each address you recieve from our community in your e-mail.. you'd send a card and bead. I hope this clears it up..
I've only been given three addresses. It would be great to get a collection of beads from across the globe/ US however far this community reaches out for everyone...


The Infamous Green Tam. This took me the better part (actually all) of my summer break to figure out, and i finally understood the pattern on wednesday, so i finished it that night. there ya go. and that's for if you didn't see the link that poopdick posted...

holy shit, i'm a dumbass. thanks to...smokingbuddha for pointing that out. oy vey.
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