December 14th, 2003


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Just wanted tyo say hello. I'm a long time lurker and admirer of everyone in here. I myself don't have dreads (anyone in the suburbs of Chicago willing to help me out?) yet, but I'd adore having them. Anyways. Keep posting pictures, you're all so beautiful! :D
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a couple of studio photos

that my friend shot of me because we had to partner up for this studio assignment, I shot photos of her and she did of me.

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they were shot on digital (blech/gag/barf) because we had to for this assignment, we use Nikon D100's

if she had dreads I'd post some I took but instead I'll wait to post some I did of a friend with dreads in the studio a little while ago.
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just say no thanks

Who else here has dread locks and doesn't do drugs?
I have nothing at all agaisnt those who do, but I just want to know that I am not the only square that is rough around the edges.
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Hey all.

I don't have dreads yet, but I hope to in a few months when my hair is a little longer. I love this community though and really enjoy seeing most of the pictures and getting all the good info.

That being said, I was wondering if it was unreasonable to ask that if people are posting pics with drugs or drug paraphernalia, to do it behind an lj cut? I'm not saying don't post it, because I recognize that many people in this community would enjoy seeing it, but simply to lj cut all the pics with a message in the text letting us know that that is what it is. That way, all the people who want to see it can, and those of us who don't can choose not to.

Drug pictures bother me personally, and I would imagine that anyone checking their friends list at work would also not want those pics showing up.

So how would everyone feel about that? It seems to be that it would be the most respectful thing to do. It would make me very sad if I needed to leave the community because those pictures trigger me. I hope we can come to some sort of consensus about this. How does the mod feel?

Let me know.
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Untold Secret To Dreadlocking and Dread Maintenance

Dread locks come from the inside. normal hair is mainly infuenced by what you did to it before you left home in the morning. what you do with dreadlocks effects them. Keeping this in mind a several months ago I startedgiving my dreadlocks pep talks. they are like personal afirmations for my hair. I reccomend one to three times a week for just about a minute. here are the types of things you can say:
  • You guys look great today!

  • I always believed in you and you have never failed to look completly fabulous.

  • When we walk down the street people will admire how fantastic you look.

  • When you see others pointing and laughing take pity on their jealousy.

  • Every week you get tighter and tighter. thousands of years from now after I die you will become diamonds.

I am sure you can think of some things to say that are more relevent to you and your dreads. the most important thing is to only be talking to your dreads. You can't multitask, it's just wrong.
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quick question: i'm going camping with some friends in a week or two and usually when this happens you get smokey smelling hair due to campfires etc. is this smell more of a problem with dreads or will it just go away with a quick wash of the ol shampoo bar?

wanting dreads

argh. duno quite how these community things work so can people add me to msn cos im not sure if il check any posts on here or if this will even get to any one :S

well i wana get dreads, at the moment im putting together pictures of people with the neat and well cared for type of dreads along with some stuff off the knotty boy site to persuade my dad to let me get them done. i will then try and find some one else with dreads to help me do them and il probably buy kb products cos they look good but im not sure how much it will cost to ship it to the UK. hmmm. any one else here from the UK? well hope i get some emails/msn additions cos im really not sure how to use this lol

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Dear people who responded to my last entry, and to whomever else is interested to read,

Lets all say HURRAY! I pulled my hair back, in a somewhat of a bun and you couldnt see my dreads, and i took out  my labret ring.  So I got the Job. Im so happy!  I been discriminated in so many other places, because of my hair. But i fooled them this time.  ^_~   see where im from, Delaware, you rarely see any people with dreads. Especially White people. So alot of places, wont hire you because of them.  Which i know. Im not on the schedule yet, i have to get a drug test done, yea i know for a grocery store. Cmon now.  But thats Delaware for you. ..and when i pass the test (cause i dont do drugs)...then i will be put on the schedule.  Im xcited cause i havent had a job in a loong time!* (cause of my dreads)...ill say 2 years.  Well talk to you guys later. Oh yea thanks to all who comment on my entry.  ^_^