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[15 Dec 2003|09:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

with all the snow that fell last night, it looks so much like christmas that i thought it was the time to sew bells in my hair. & now i hear music everytime i move.

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free willy died : ( [15 Dec 2003|11:30am]
ok i'm sure everyone has a favorite dread right? well...my friends find it hilarious that i can just reach back and feel around and find it without even looking. why? i dont know. i mean every dread feels different and looks different and.....i love that! its quite easy to tell them apart and everything. i'm sure you all now what i mean.
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Question [15 Dec 2003|11:46am]
[ mood | awake ]

hello I have a question and here it goes
Anyone here that uses dr.bronners soap tp wash there dreads has it givin you any problems with loosing and such ?

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[15 Dec 2003|08:58pm]
It'll be 6 years in March.Collapse )
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