December 16th, 2003


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hey everyone, i don't have dreads, but i do have a question.

i know a girl who has just one small dread, on the side of her head, with the rest of her hair being normal. it looks really awesome... and i'd love to do it, but i don't know if it would look good on me [i've never tried before] and more importantly... i have no idea how i would go about doing it.

sooo anyone with advice, pleeaase help me out here! i'm a big fan of dreads... i wish i had the guts to do all my hair in dreads. i have a friend who did his, and it looks amazing... next time i see him i'll try and get some pics to show you guys.

but i love looking at pictures of all of you and your dreads... so keep it up!
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Well i'v had my dreads for about six mounths now i havn't got a picture of them but they seem to have gone a bit freezy and i wanted 2 know if anyone had any tips for getting them to calm down a bit thanks Xx
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This is my third time having dread locks.

I've had to cut em twice because my fucking gay school. Its a private school and its not to cool. They say that my hair was not "socially acceptable" what a bunch of bullshit.

I do smoke weed but that is not the only reason for me having dreadlocks. I have them because I have always liked the look even before i started smoking. I've wanted dreads since like 5 grade.

The other reason is because i always wanted my hair to move around. and with my extra curly hair i cant have that my hair just grows out so i decided to do dreads.

well tell me what ya think of my dreadies

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