December 18th, 2003



So yeah, I just started my dreads 2 weeks ago, and blah blah blah.

I was wondering, how long should I wait before I wash them?

Also, I really need to dye my hair, how old should I wait for them to be before I try washing them?
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so about two or 3 days ago i stopped wearing a beenie when i sleep (been doing that for almost 3 months now) and i can already notice how great my dreads look. they no longer look plasterd to my head. now all i have to do is wait for the right time to take out the rubber bands (one in perticuler h as like 5 rubebr bands in it, it was a huge one and it flattedn our really bad. so im use the rubber bands to hold its shape as round, and hopeing it would start to grow that way...) the only other problem i have is all the loose hairs on the scalp. how many people hear actually do soemthing about it, or do you guys usally just let them do what they want to do?
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i dont know why but my dreads feel awesome. i stopped wearing something on my head when i sleep. and its just a cool feeling. like they are free. the lay great, they look niceer. its awesome. im even embracing the loose hairs and thinking how great they look. sorry, random post lol.....
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brushing out dreads?

Hey everyone, I was hoping you guys could answer a few questions for me about dreads... I've always loved how they look and feel and just everything about them, and am getting to the point where I really want some of my own. I live in a very dread-friendly city right now, but I'll be moving soon and I'm not sure if future employers (or even my current ones), roommates, etc. would be okay with them. Or they might just not be "right" for me. And shaving my head isn't an option.

So my question is, in the case of an emergency, are dreads possible to brush out completely? I read a post in this community a long time ago saying that was possible, so can any of you tell me your experiences brushing out your dreads, or experiences you've heard of from friends? Is it difficult? What is the condition of your hair afterwards?

Thanks a lot :)