December 19th, 2003

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My dreads feel lovely. Dense and warm. I washed them with flowery soap lastnight and blow dried them. I worked on a few of them and took out their rubber bands. Has anyone else dealt with the schmang that builds up under them-- thats just crap from your scalp right? will it wash out?

I've also been noticing theses little fucked up broken pieces of hair I keep shedding. What do you guys do to condition your hair?

I'm also seriously contemplating some chemical alteration.
I want to lob my tips off-- not all of them, but most.
I want to bleach my whole head. I want to bleach just my tips.
I'm thinking about just bleaching a few dreads.....
But my hair isnt so long.....

any suggestions--- I'm working on pics....


I've been growing my hair out for about a year now. It was super short when i started, so its about to the nape of my neck so far. I have wanted dreadlocks for years now, and now that my hair is finally getting to a good length, I was wondering if I could maybe ask some of you who already have dreads about your experiences. I know i've read through so far about the job thing and it doesnt sound too good. Have any of you ever been fired from a job for putting your hair in dreads?
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