December 20th, 2003

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the boredom of saturday morning strikes, so i thought id post some pics
under a cut, in case theyre huge...

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i walked into class the other day for an exam (semesters finally over, woohoo!), and it had been snowing. the walk is pretty long and someone gave me a really weird look, i was like "what?" they started laughing and brushing the snow out of my dreads. they were like "it sticks to em really well"
it was funny, beacuse they werent trying to be an asshole.
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Last night I thourghly washed my hair four times in a row I went to bed with them relitivly wet. I just woke up and the feel significantly tighter. I hate habving the flu with dreads. I am constantly worried I will get them covered in one of many bodily fluids.
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