December 21st, 2003


Excitement runs, it does not walk.

I have just recently been following this community and this evening I decided to make myself a complete part of it. I'm rather joyed. Dreads have held my interest for quite a long time. My best friend just recently got them. I was pondering for the longest time and then her getting them set me back just because I thought it may be weird for us to both have them. Being best friends and all and it may feel like I'm copying her or that we are the same. And then I stopped being stupid and opened up my eyes which we closed due to the ignorance dust. ha. So I woke up yesterday and showered, washed the hair, did not comb and ta da. Look at me, I think I'll actually do it and here I am. Dreaded and enjoying it muchly. I just twisted the hair and it basically just happened. No wax or hours upon hours of working it to be just so. And that is what makes me happy. Its really late at night. I just wanted to ramble. I wish I could take a picture. Maybe tomorrow? I'm impressed for day olds. Newborn love. :) Thank you.
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hey kids, new pics since i just aquired a web cam. this is my dreads after two weeks. i need to rubber band the ends i've decided since they keep unraveling a little. that's the next step i suppose.

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happy almost holidays